Mar 3, 2018

My new roadster

It has become an addiction... walking through the mall to burn time for lunch and ended up buying this.

bmackay159 and StainlessOnly

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The way the cyclops is integrated with the case: is it a separate lens glued on or a single piece of glass?

I love the interlacing of the hour and the minutes. Completely confusing, in a good way.
Not really but from looking at it, it looks glued on...
That is truly a beautiful time piece, it reminds me of a Mercedes Benz 300sel First generation. I know it is not gentlemanly to talk about prices, but how much did that exquisite beauty run you for?
i managed to find one in mint condition and got it for $6500 taxes in.... this version of the Roadster is discontinued .. the way I like my watches lol
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