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A New Breitling ( and not talking just the watch!)

Arriving this month for Basel 2018 (though it was announced at the end of January), the new Breitling Navitimer 8. Under the guidance of new CEO Georges Kerns (formerly IWC and Richemont), and the new ownership, this is decidedly a new and different direction creatively for the brand. You can clearly see a more direct and less garish approach to the aesthetic with these pieces, and these draw heavily from the brands storied heritage. These watches hit the design boards last year in August, and are a direct result of the new team and ownership.
The apex predator in this lineup is the Navitimer 8 B-01, which features an in house chronograph of the same name, B-01. Featuring a column wheel and vertical clutch, the COSC certified movement has a 70 hour power reserve, depth rated to 100m, all in a reverse Panda dial, 43mm case.
As an owner of a a Superocean Heritage, I for one am relieved to see the brand evolving and embracing a change that draws on the past while looking to the future. I know a lot of "B" fans are worried the brand that came to their attention might me losing some of its highly polished stainless steel luster, buts it's nice to see the new stewards managing accordingly.
Cheers people, and Happy Sunday


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panda, panda panda panda panda
Beautiful watches. I wish they made chronos a little smaller.
Very nice. Thanks for posting. That's certainly a Breitling I could see myself wearing
I love it when an established brand decides to take my preferree aesthetic as their own.