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REC Watches

OK, anyone else feeling these? How about a drop on something like this... (no, I'm not a spokesperson or sales rep for this company)


vwcclux and StainlessOnly

They contain metal recycled from old cars. The top is the Porsche 911 version, and the bottom is the Ford Mustang version.
The website also says that the founders appeared on Shark Tank ... the Danish version of the show, which, yes, is called Dragons' Den. Wait a minute: Shark Tank and Dragons' Den are copies of a show format that originated in Japan and which is owned by Sony. I vaguely remember such a show, but it was really low budget. I can't believe what I saw spawned a worldwide empire. Wikipedia lists spinoffs in three dozen countries.
"Dragons' Den series have been produced in numerous different countries. Apart from Japan (where the show debuted) the show names, structures, and styles are based upon the UK version."
Ah yeah. This is a danish company. I saw them in a tv show called Dragons Den in Denmark. They are very different from the classic watch design.