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On Going Microbrand Talk

Thoughts? Seems like a fun, affordable entry in to watches. Kudos for some new and tasteful styling, IMO.
I dig the acetate tortoise shell. I'll save other thoughts until others who may feel compelled to chime in have offered their critiques.
Asheikm and Vincent.H

Good looking watch. Entry at around $200. I'm pretty hard on watches. I wonder how durable the acetate would be. Like the tortoise shell concept. Thanks for sharing
I think that the tortoise shell is a brilliant idea. I have a G-Shock that was advertised as being titanium, but after years of use I realized that little parts of the external case were plastic with metallic paint, which was wearing off. But with what amounts to translucent eyeglass frame material, these watches should wear well and be able to be polished.
This company has a surprisingly large distribution network, 113 outlets in Japan alone (although from experience, these kind of lists tend to be filled with one-time sellers who are never removed). I see that some of the outlets are Delfonics-affiliated shops. This is a company specializing in stylish office supplies, bags, and the like.
Personally I think it already looks dated.
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I appreciate that, but I personally believe it's not stylised enough to last.
Fair. I feel like it would be a good casual pairing with some shorts in the summer. Definitely not going to wear it to a wedding or some more formal occasion.