Mar 9, 2018

Mountaineering Sunglasses.

Every hiker or ski mountaineer has become snow blind at some point in their life. Then the next time you go out you bring your regular sunglasses and realized that even the most expensive pairs of everyday sunglasses just don't get the job done in the mountains. They fall down your nose. They fall off your face completely into a crevasse. They let in too much light from the periphery.
Lets get some nice Julbo Vermont Classic spectrum 3 sunglasses the original sunglasses for mountaineers sense the late 1800s on mass drop!
Mountainbug and PaigeD

I'll throw out that when it comes to Rx or non-Rx sunglasses.... My WileyX with foam gaskets have been great. They strap to your head, seal out the light and/or wind and even most all rain. They are durable and safety rated too. Worth a look.
I also have some Oakley Split Jackets (discontinued) that have a rubber gasket.