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Can I use my AKG 7XX with the LCX balanced output?
I received my LCX amplifier and I'm eager to try it out. After reading the instructions I came across a warning,



"Do not modify a single-ended 3-wire cable to connect a 4-pin XLR". The warning goes on to say damage could result and that a commercially purchased cord would operate properly. I had previously purchased a set of Massdrop's AKG 7XX headphones and in anticipation of receiving the LCX I ordered a balanced cable for it (best in the verse cables @ ). Pictures of the cord/connector included.
Now I'm not an electrician or an electrical engineer, but even though these cables were bought from a reputable cable provider, based on the 3 prong connector that the AKG requires, I can't help but feel concerned that this is exactly the sort of situation that I'm supposed to avoid with the LCX. Please advise so that I don't inadvertently cause damage to my new amplifier!
One other question, I also have the Cavallie CTH+ SDAC- it's manual makes no mention of the concern regarding headphone cables; will an improper cord (three prong cord to balanced 4-pin) cause damage with that amp as well?? Thank you for your time and assistance.

I don't see how it would damage anything as an adapter would be the same thing. I know this isn't what you are looking for but this could be an option. You can mod it and if you don't want to DIY this guy does good work and his balanced mod for AKGs in only 45 dollars.!/AKG-Balanced-conversion/p/53874971/category=2609209
I was under the impression that all available AKG 7 series require hardwire modifications to go balanced (opening headphone and modify it). They use a single 3 pin XLR (left/right/ground) which cannot carry a truly balanced signal (need 4 pin or dual 3 pin).