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Canadian members: have you signed this knife petition?

As many of you have heard and mentioned in discussions, there was recently a ruling that has caused much confusion and concern for knife buyers and owners in Canada. This ruling applies to "knives which open automatically by centrifugal force (centrifugal knives)." Because the language is confusing, and the contact information provided by this agency is outdated, many people have been having a hard time getting clarification.
We have learned that a Canadian resident started a petition "calling upon the Government of Canada to repeal the Canadian International Trade Tribunal’s decision." A member of the Parliament has sponsored the petition, which has already gained over 6,600 signatures in just two weeks! If you would like to add your name , the petition is open until June 28th, 2018.

Please tell us below in the comments if you've signed the petition, and let us know why (or why not).

Regarding purchases of knives on Massdrop: Because the rule seems unclear, and we have not seen any increase in seizures of knives (including those with flipper tabs) in shipments to Canadian addresses, Massdrop has not suspended the shipping of knives to our Canadian members. Any members who do report a seizure by submitting a help ticket will be refunded the purchase price. This is the policy for now, but we're monitoring it closely and we don't know what the future holds.
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Knives are not weapons, whether fixed, flip or centrifugal, unless the person with the knife has the intent to use the knife to do harm to another person or persons. A knife is a tool until that moment of intent. When someone has made a decision to do harm to a fellow human being then anything, ANYTHING, can become a weapon. A broken bottle, a baseball bat, a hammer... anything. The problem is not what is being used as a weapon - it's the person with intent. I wish people would learn to differentiate between the two.
Good luck fighting that nonsense.
Hey Canadians, just as an FYI: if you have a NEXUS card (ie. you are part of the trusted traveller program), this is run by the CBSA. If you get something confiscated, and they're able to pin it to you - the owner of the card, they can revoke your card.
This is especially shitty for anyone who travels a lot, for work or otherwise. As you know, using the NEXUS to pass security lines, etc. is pretty awesome.
This is just absurd. With practice, nearly *any* folding knife can be opened by centrifugal force. You might as well just ban pocket knives altogether.
I signed. They say its because the one-hand opening knives are more dangerous and potentially more harmful, but since 90-95% of crimes committed with knives in Canada involve fixed blades (and about 75-80% of these involve kitchen knives), I see no reason to let this continue as it is...
Signed, they should ban GMO food, focus on reducing our use and need for fossil fuels, or maybe spend our taxes on us and our country a bit more, before trying to tell us our tools are too convenient and practical!
Hey! What do you have against GMO food?
Signed. I feel there is not danger in a one handed opening knife. Any times I've had one hand only available and a one hand opening knife had been helpful.
yes, I did sign...but in Canada...the number of people that signed a petition won't really effect how serious it will be take...I also donated the lawsuit toward to this...
According to the government website, any petition with more than 500 signatures will be certified by the clerk and presented in the House of Commons -
JonasHeineman I just read from here.... so from what I understand 501 people and 5000 people will have the same weight then? I signed when there are little bit under 7000 people...I really hope I helped...
I fully support the ability of any human to defend themselves, even Canadians. You know, you wouldn't have this problem if you would have told the Brits to piss off in 1812.
I live in Ontario, so of course i signed. After all, i dont wanna be buying opinels for the rest of my life! XD
Even Opinels would be banned under this ruling — you can totally just flick them open with a bit of practice. This is so dumb.
That rule change seriously hurt our Canadian neighbors ability to participate in the secondary knife market, which was already limited by many people being hesitant to deal with the added expense and complexity of sending items internationally, and by hesitance regarding the possibility that Canadian customs could potentially sieze a knife just for the hell of it.
It's gross, they are woodland creatures and should be free to participate in a fair and free market with their neighbors without being treated as weapons smugglers.
To our Canadian neighbors to the north, kindly remind your government that there is no such thing as "centrifugal force". There is inertia with angular momentum, but not some magical "force" that compels the blade to come forth from its refuge. While you're at it, tell them to piss off. The right to defense rests with the ultimate power, THE PEOPLE! Reclaim your rightful authority, and put them back in their place, as servants, not rulers.
Sorry... I let my freedom ring a bit there. Wait... "sorry"? What the hell am I saying? You Canucks are having some kind of adverse influence on me. Never apologize for letting freedom ring!!!
I have had my knife confiscated at the border because the pivot was slightly loose and not adjustable. The officer swigned it twice hard and got the blade to open. He declared my knife illegal just because it had a weak detent.
I suggest that is not the actual reason your knife was confiscated, my theory is: you answered the wrong question with a "yes" instead of a "no." That question was: "do you have any weapons?"
I cross that border fairly often, and when I hear that question, I always answer with a definitive: "No"--even though I carry two knives they would definitely object to. I rationalize this because I do not consider them weapons, I consider them "tools." So, my advice to you is, unless you're being strip searched, rethink how you think about your EDC ;- )
Not only should you sign the petition, please also write a letter (on paper is BEST by FAR as e-mails are considered more lightly) Find your MP's address (NO STAMP needed for their House of Commons address):
Then also consider supporting the gofundme campain of the lawyer in Ontario who has won many knife cases as they take the case to the supreme court.
Then, keep on buying knives. Don't let CBSA bully you around. If we all keep buying knives just like we did before then they simply will never be able to keep up and they won't be able to stop us.
Look this is Canada, eh, not the US. Do you really want hoards of wild Moose and Baby Seals walking around with dangerous switchblades? Just across the street from our own border? I think not!
This decision by the CBSA is yet another case of a bureaucracy creating ”laws” as they go.
I signed this petition when it was publicised on
It's so great to see this on here and to hear there's over 6000 signatures gathered already. 😆👍I happily singed this petition last week as soon as I saw it. Obviously l don't like the consequences of these new restrictions. The stupidity and needlessnes of it all it just infuriating.I totally understand Massdrops views and policy on the situation. I'm very greatful to still have a place to buy knives from the US without having to worry I'm going to loose everything just on the whim of a Customs Officer. Once again Thanks Massdrop 👌✌
Signed it because as a Canadian, the online knife shopping sphere isn't anywhere close to the US's.
Selfish reasons aside, I've also talked to a number of Canadian retailers and having their shipments seized or having uncertainty around their business will only hurt Canadians enthusiasts as a whole. I mean Kershaw doesn't even ship here anymore because of CBSA regulations. This is ridiculous.
I wondered about that.  Went to try and buy a Leek about a month ago and couldn't find one anywhere, online or brick-and-mortar.
Yeah, I asked for a Link at a local shop and they said they hadn't gotten any new Kershaw shipments in a couple years with nothing in the foreseeable future.
An attorney in the Toronto area has started fundraising for legal action to win a suspension of the import prohibition in the short term, and force clarification of the criminal code in the longer term. No need to be a Canadian citizen to support either.
Hopefully they can also force CSBA to adhere to criminal code to justify any future siezures.
It's gross that they are engaging in such rampant disrespect of personal property expectations, and that they are kind of enforcing the hegemony of domestic Canadian knife retailers by treating individuals as importers as well as implementing their draconian new policies on receiving modern knives.
To the top! Sticky this!
Thank you, Jonas, for drawing my attention to this petition. I did sign it and will be making sure that my friends do to. I spend thousands of dollars each year importing knives and ninety percent of this is from American makers and vendors. I have a very large order coming from Florida and they are sending it split into six or seven packages just to decrease the odds of the entire order being intercepted. Crazy, isn’t it? Tightening all pivots so they don’t move. Taking bearings out to mail separately so blades can be tightened down and not move. Shipping packages as ‘camping tools’ etc. so they don’t create any attention... Where does it end? They’ll make liars out of us all just to avoid their stupid interpretations. We are supposed to have ‘Free Trade” and it’s a benefit to both sides of our border. (If anybody thinks not, ask the 23 states who list Canada as their biggest international trading partner.) I know it may not seem connected but all of us need to be aware of how much more we benefit from freedom versus bureaucracy and protectionism. Did I just lecture Americans on freedom? Yikes! I just mean that we should strongly look at everything that threatens any freedom. I will be taking my fight to my own government. Imagine bureaucrats making decisions without looking for proper and fair input from The People. Thanks again, Jonas.
YW, thanks for posting your experience and how other folks are responding to the changes.
I always marked knives as camping equipment, outdoor hear, sometimes 'victorinox camping gear', I just figured it was polite to use generic descriptions of the contents rather than list '3.7" ball bearing flipper knife by Real Steel' out what have you.
I've signed the petition because I believe such silly rules and regulations are obsolete in our global market world. As a side, I've bought many knives here on Massdrop, but have not had anything seized, thankfully.
Thanks @Bobraz , good to hear.
I'm with you! If Somali Pirates can buy Russian RPGs why can't we?!
Yes I have.  Uncertainty about whether or not certain knives would be allowed into the country has actually stopped me from buying a few, the Gent and the Ferrum Forge KB flipper included.
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Thank you for posting this!! I can't wait for my new FF Gent, and it's nice to know Massdrop is backing up their Canadian customers.
I felt exactly the same way when I first found out about this. I've ordered 3 knives from Massdrop in the past two months that I never would of dared to without knowing I was covered. It's good to be back at it. 😲😆