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What is your favourite SA keysets colorscheme?

I know we are going to get SA pulse drop soon, but I don't really like the color, and don't know much about SA, so can you all post yours fav SA colorscheme that you think better than pulse?
I think about penumbra.

I love Dasher and Dancer; is that doomed to be an unrequited love? New to Massdrop and don't really understand how requests correlate with Actually Getting To Buy Something.
I'm currently in love with SA Berserk, but damn is it ever hard to get a properly balanced picture that captures how vibrant the red is.
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Now that you mention it I think I'll have a look at whats available on shapeways. I can always paint one myself.
Yeah it's really spectacular! The finish is more matte than SP's SA keycaps, so I'm not sure how they'll end up looking in terms of wear with time, but my first impression is that they seem to be higher quality than SP's work. None of the caps have the ugly flashing from the mold process like my Chocolatier set, and they came neatly organized in a tray so none of them were scuffed up either. I'd highly recommend Maxkey based on this set alone.
What I really want a GB for is a Hi Pro SA set, ala topre. Make it happen MD, you will sell a boat load.
I love Carbon for sure, but I am an idiot not to join the GB.
I love any SA, especially the deep thock noise it produces on my keebs. I'd say I'm now an "SA first before anything" convert. All the pictures in here reminds me that I need more SA in my life. My dream set is the 1976 set. I guess I can keep dreaming. I hope Massdrop will listen to the many request it has. If anyone hasn't already done so, please request to help out those of us dreaming of this set, thanks.
SA Camping is my love forever and ever and ever and ever
TIL I learned about SA Abyss R3, super clean and lovely keycaps
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Your word "soothing" makes me agree with you 100%, sir.
I love Pulse but already own a set, so I would love to get my hands on Carbon and Calm Depths!
My daily drivers: Godspeed

Are you trolling? You know that's MT3 and not SA right? :D
Troubled Minds is also running again this year
I hear this is coming back this year.
I heard about this as well, extremely excited!!
No offense to Mito, because I love a lot of his stuff but feel the same way about Pulse, but here are some of my faves-
Calm depths-
Oblivion (both alpha versions)-

And Amazing Chocolatier-