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Massive head: Most comfortable pair under $350

My heads huge. I don't have much to go by other than $50 Sennheisers from 20 years ago and my Siberia v2. I had to stretch my Siberias until they cracked and even still, I get headaches from wearing these. I believe its due to my ears not fitting completely inside.
Anyways, I was first interested in the ATH m50x, and then branched out. The HD598s and HD600s are on my radar.
I need them to be stretchable to fit my huge dome and ears. Comfort is king. Sound quality and build second :D
For reference, I can only can handle 1 notch on ballcaps.
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Sennheisers are not for huge heads.
Beyerdynamics will fit you much better.
Fostex headphones also cam fit you well.

Hifiman He350 was mentioned here but it will kill you with its killer pressure and headache.

IEMs are not on your list?
Westone or Shure are very good sounding.
I’ve had the Massdrop x HiFiMAN HE-350 since they first dropped about 2 years ago. Very good quality with massive audio drivers that fit my big ears. I forget I’m even wearing them half the time.
Same here!
I found the AKG K7XX $200 had expansive earpads and the headband is comfortable and not super tight. All in all they're a great fit for large heads!
Nothing will beat a used HD700 for comfort under $350... simply one of the most comfortable headphones ever made. Not sure how big a head it will fit though. From the cans I current have or have had/used, both the SHP9500 and K7XX are a close second but definitely not as comfortable. Then further down a used TH-X00 with ZMF Ori pads, Monolith M1060, then HD6XX. Have a Koss ESP950 coming in, their stock comfort should be somewhere between that of HD700 and SHP9500... but maybe surpass HD700 with the Vesper pads?
Audio Technica ATH-AD700x (or 500x, 900x, etc. have the same structure, but I only have experience with the 700x). They are designed for big heads. I have never had an issue with fit but these were way too big for me, and the wing things are only good if you have a big head. In that case, they make it feel really light on your head. They're open backs though, so I'm not sure if isolation/sound leaking is an issue for you. I LOVED the way they sound (huge soundstage with incredible imaging) but sadly just too big for me :-(
dear god just get the fideliox2's already, they are a fun pair of under rated headphones with a bit of emphasis on bass but they sound fantastic regardless of what youre listening too and as a fellow huge header they fit comfortably and dont feel like theyre squeezing your brain out of your nose
Just received the MD/Sennheiser HD6xx. The clamping pressure is much much higher than the AKG K7xx series. The AKG's are more comfortable out of the box. By far.
I have a big head and the SHP9500s are loose.
I bought and returned the Denon AH-D600 headphones because even at the lowest setting it was slipping off my head. They are huge.
HD598 is the most comfy headphone i've ever used. K7xx is also pretty nice in terms of comfort. If you haven't already, you should try that out. My m50x squeezes my head quite a bit and the cups aren't wide enough either and it doesn't sound to my liking.
I can't wear ball caps. I have an alien head.
If you want over ear headphone the 600's are great on my head. Super comfy and the sound is pure bliss.
I too have a very large head and fully recommend the Sennheiser HD 598. I cannot however speak for the ATH m50x or the HD 600s.
my MDRX950BT are way more comfortable than my m50x's! they feel 2/3 the weight and have way squishier earpads, like marshmallows. I only wish they moved/ tilted/folded as much as my m50x's for storage and transport purposes. They are however bass heavy rather than a flatter V shaped sound, which I personally like.
why not go for IEMs instead if you have hard time finding a headphone for your uniquely shaped head?
get a pair of 600/650/6x00's
Get the Fidelio x2. Ama
They are amazing for the price.
Just an update: I am thoroughly enjoying my HD650's. I experieced Audio Nirvana the other day while testing my freshly built Bottlehead Crack via RCA to my cable box. I had goosebumps listening to PAULA ABDUL HAHAHA.

I cannot wait to test it with the Modi 2 Uber today. Prepared for euphoria.
Confucius say: Big head? Be more humble.
I have a pretty big noggin as well. Any of the AKG K7??? series without bumps are very comfortable, these are open-backed. For closed-back, the Sony MDR-1? series is also very comfortable. Both have pretty light clamping pressure.
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I have a large noggin too, size 8 hat, and I must say that the AKG K7XX's I received from the last drop work well for me. The leather puts minimal pressure on my head and you can't beat the plush cups.