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Shipping to Canada

Brokerage fees suck... No more drops for you!

I too am worried about the brokerage fees. i recently bought a Drop and am waiting for it to ship. the total cost so far was only $45usd including shipping. Still, from what I've heard, people are getting nailed at the boarder with additional fees. May i ask how much was your order before you had to pay the Brokerage? What was the weight?
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Everything I have ever bought from States that I didn't pay tax on was C.O.D. Nothing fishy going on with drops, just people not factoring in the fact they will have to pay tax and maybe other fees based on Country. For us Canucks though we just pay the tax. *I am in Ontario and based your tax on 13%
i hear ya. I think at the border it is only GST? At least that’s the case if you are driving across and claim over your limit. I’ve run to that issue before. Lol.