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[Ongoing] Show & Tell: Gear Closet

There’s no better feeling than heading down to your local outdoor retailer to buy a new piece of gear, whether for an upcoming trip or to stay up to date on the latest and greatest in the outdoor industry.
Nowadays, buying and using the gear is only part of the fun. The popularity of organized gear closets created by publications and social media like Outside Magazine and Instagram has sparked a new trend in showing off your gear in the way you organize and store it.
Whether it’s for show or purely organization, or both, post your personal gear closet photos below. It’s a great way to see what each other has and how we all prep for trips!
Check out the below article from Outside Magazine showcasing some of the country’s top gear closets.

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My gear pile as neatly organized as it gets.
Wow, people are liking my gear pile! Thanks for the likes. I would have imagined that this would garner so much attention-lol!
I am going to need to expand on this initial "teaser" picture... but this is my gear loft. I use bins rather than baskets like what was in the OP because I don't want to have to dust my gear off. I am moving the bags and quilts to hangers next week though. Let me know if any of you wanna see what is in any of the bins. ;)
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Wow, I admire your organization!
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