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Massdrop’s keycap [IC]?

Does Massdrop have a comprehensive keycap set interest check section? I know there are Polls and Talks, but there are many keycap drops that seem to pop up out of nowhere. And by the time a drop kicks off, the kits are fixed and it is rare to see additions and revisions.
If there is an [IC] on here and I am just not finding it, please let me know. If there isn’t, hopefully Massdrop will consider adding one. I feel it would be in everyone’s best interest.
What do you think?
Kiryu, NoggiZen, and 5 others

Wow, there are some "Categories" now within "Talk" - very helpful. Better still, there's an "Interest Check" category. I hope Massdrop adds a "Sort By" dropdown (like there is inside each Talk) so all Talks in a Category can be shown in a certain order: date initially posted, or last date commented on, etc.
I hope they are still in the process of categorizing all the Talks, since some Talks don't have a Category yet:
UPDATE: Just figured out I can pick my Talk's category by editing the post.
i think an IC section would be very beneficial!
yes, most definitely
There isn't.
My worries are confirmed. Do you think it would be beneficial for Massdrop to add one? If they did, would you use it?
Yes and absolutely. Especially because as it is they have been warning us of new keyboard and keycap set drops just a few days in advance, leaving me zero time to save up or budget for new stuff.