Mar 20, 2018123 views

"Blade HQ Knife Roll Nylon Carry Case" Alternatives?

Hello fellow blade enthusiasts here on Massdrop!
This is my first post on Massdrop so please bear with me! ^^
I was wondering if there are any alternatives for the Blade HQ Knife Roll.
I really find the design amazing and would probably even pay two times the price that they list it for on Blade HQs website!
My questions for you guys would be:
Does anyone know any decent alternatives for that Blade HQ Knife Roll?
How many knives do you guys own?
How do you guys store your sexy knife collections?

I had bought one I'm happy with the purchase, do you have this
Sypderco makes one called the Spyderpac sp1 large which holds 30 knives for about $36 on Amazon. Have several and am happy with the design and quality.
Spyderco spyderpac might be an alternative. My carried knives stay in a small box full of toilet roll cores.
Thanks! I just ordered one of those! They seem just as good as the Blade HQ one.