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LG International warranty and pixels

I would like to order the new LG 34' 21:9 that is now on the site.
I really fear that once the monitor will arrive there will be a dead pixel.
how can I know what is the minimum number of pixel to replace the monitor?
Also do you know how can i see what line of panels i am getting?
Anyone had this problem before?

Thanks in advance,


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Good morning,
if you want to be safe all the way, you've to buy local, if given, check the screen in the store and take that tested screen home. Still you don't know what's going to happen in the future!
The last dead pixel i've seen must be 15 years ago, i'm running a LG 34' 21:9 for 18 month now without problems, which doesn't have to mean anything for you ;)
LGs policy:
Have in mind, the higher the resolution, the more is tolerable.
To get a chance to know "the line of panels" you would need a serial number/date of production to research for my understanding.
Good luck
Thanks a lot for the detailed response. one of the reasons I don't want to buy in Israel is that most of the retailers buy the cheaper series of panels (lower quality ratings) so there is a much higher chance for a pixels problem. My friend bought one of Dell's business line monitors and he had that problem. after 5 monitors that he found with the same problem he decided to buy from a different brand.
Have you ordered yours online?
I've bought mine at Amazon during a sale, but i've no idea about the online business situation in Israel, which might be different from Germany i guess.
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