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Massdrop X Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

Dear Massdrop and Community,
I need Wireless Mechanical Keyboards, and I was hoping there was more interest,
I own a Varmilo VB87M with Cherry Greens, and the bluetooth connection is anything but perfect due to my aluminium case, lots of noise from other wireless devices and the 5M/15F distance from my desktop.
I own a few wired mechanical keyboards but wires are no option for me, so i tend to only connect them for the show or whenever i am in the bios or bluetooth doesn't work for any reason.
I love to see the Exclusive Massdrop Keyboards, The new CTRL is awesome, And i am going to buy it, Only i love to sit on my couch with my keyboard on my lap, Even though i am going to buy the CTRL it is probably gonna collect dust since i like to sit confortable and i dont have a traditional desk setup.
Functions like Tenkeyless, Hot Swappable Switches, Fully programmable, And at least 2.4Ghz radio would be perfect. Something like an easy switch between USB/RF/BT would be even better. With 2 USB C connections for charging the keyboard, wired functionality and maybe WUSB so the keyboard works as a wireless hub for USB devices? Also RBG Leds are nice, but there must be a function to turn them completely off to save battery, talking about the battery it should last at least 2 months of 24/7 connection without any leds on, i don't know how badly leds will impact it
There is a lot of things massdrop could do to dominate the market, there are few good wireless mechanical keyboards, ive had them all and the Varmilo is the best, but it had its time, USB mini Bad bluetooth, no extras whatsoever, only 4 brightness settings a pulse setting, some media keys and no good alternatives makes this a golden opportunity for massdrop.

Please consider this, it would really make my life a lot better.
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I'm on the same page as you. I want something 67% or smaller that is bluetooth and mechanical - MX preferred - with cursor keys. I would actually like for this KB to be an EDC for me, and would have a very high interest in cases and other "accessories" for it like we see made for OLKB/Planck keyboards. I have considered the HHKB with the bluetooth mod, but no cursor keys and Topre is my least interest. I have taken interest in things like the board that Keywalker has, but not only did I miss the drop but I think it is time for keyboards to start moving to USB-C. Because of that I am considering waiting until the end of the summer, because there is rumor that sometime later this year Clueboard could be making a wireless keeb under the same form factor as their V1-V4 boards, with USB-C as well. I would also like to throw out there that just because it would be my EDC, I wouldn't want there to be any holding back on the quality. I still love (another reason I advocate @skullY taking point on this, is their aluminum housing) metal keyboards and would love to see that in my EDC board that I bring to work every day. Basically, I want the keyboard to be just as good (if not better, to hold up as I'm a commuter) as the desktop keyboards that we all love and talk about every day. Unfortunately I haven't seen many cases for keyboards outside of the ones for Planck's, such as those made by Datamancer. That would be a very important factor for a keyboard that I throw in my backpack every day, it should have a case.
The qualities/features I would love to see the most include: Wireless/optional Travel Case(s) Cursor Keys USB-C MX Metal Case "Enthusiast" quality. Take my $$$.
It would really make my life better as well. If @MiTo and @skullY teamed up on this I'd cry myself to sleep from joy every night until it launched.
Anne pro is wireless. It's a 60% so not too but you don't lose much functionality.
Personally I'm not bothered if it's wireless my keyboard stays in 1 place anyway. I do use a wireless membrane for my htpc but I don't do enough typing on it to justify the cost and need for wireless mouse (as it also has a trackpad).
I, too, have a wireless membrane keyboard with a trackpad for our HTPC. We live as 2 + 2, 4 people. It actually is my own old desktop PC that I brought here and made public, but I very often use ıt for personal computing, and so does my housemate sometimes. Now, I do not intend to leave the 75% mechanical keyboard I'm hoping to get always connected to this PC, nor make it public. I'll be connecting it whenever I intend to do non-theater things on it, such as writing this reply, and then disconnect it as I leave. Both because I will constantly be bringing it in an out, and because this still is a PC next to a sofa, not a desk, a corded keyboard will introduce a clutter that'll discourage me from using it, which sums up why I hope and wait for The Wireless Revolution on Mechanical Keyboards.
There seems to be a presumption that people who are more likely to go mechanical, will also tend to stick with the wired connection. With the current options of mechanical keyboards available on the market, this is bound to be true: 90+% of the mechanical keyboards are wired and not a single wireless one is even close to being as aesthetic as the wired ones.
As a living example, I will definitely just stick to my wireless membrane keyboard, until something like the (optionally) wireless variant of the currently dropping Massdrop x MiTo Canvas CTRL Mechanical Keyboard drops.
There is not enough demand for the wireless mech, and only because there is no supply. Majority of the demand for the wireless mech will come from the non-mechanical wireless keyboard users, not from the wired mechanical keyboard users. You will never know about them by doing polls on mechanical keyboard communities.