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Coolest Releases from Basel so far....

Basel world kicked off today, and it is nice to see some of the lovely time pieces that are coming along. I'll Keep this opening short and sweet so we can look at some dandy's and let the thoughts and words fly.....
Cheers People,

New Tudor Black Bay GMT... What a good looking watch. Snowflake hands, in house movement, a kind of throw back aesthetic, and leather or canvas straps optional, Tudor just did a great job on this one.
Tudor also popped this new 39MM Black Bay 58.... 39mm people! Watch companies are actually scaling back to more normal sizes....
Omega's Seamaster 1948: Dauphine Hands, Center seconds sub dial, and 38mm, and a tip of the hat to the first Seamasters.... Well played Omega..... Well played
Breitling Navitimer 1 Automatic 38.... Just a classic looking watch, and at 38mm, finally a more classic size
Nomos Glashütte Autobahn: Great looking, very Nomos-y spin on a classic driving watch, plus it's not often they create a new from the ground up style, especially at 41mm.

Worst kept secret going into Basel, the Rolex GMT II, Ceramic bezel, now available in stainless steel.
If something is missing so far that I'm bummed by, it's that Seiko hasn't announced too much yet, but fingers are crossed.
Most of the brands released more watches than I can go over, but most of these here are really something that jumped out to me while going over threads today. Anybody see anything they liked?

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Hey, wanted to thank you for getting the conversation started about the most recent offerings at Basel World. Intriguing. Good to see Seiko coming out with more colorful dials in their Prospex range (leaving aside your comments about how crowded that range is today). Happy Friday. Cheers
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No you have it right, it’s still the Prospex line, Seiko is simply moving away from putting that name on the dials, and simply leaving the iconic dual layered X.

Thanks for clarifying. Have a great weekend
The more I see photos of this, the more I sort of want this ridiculous all metal G Shock...

Is it the 80s/90s kid in me? It has to be.
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Finally, a homage to Audemars Piguet
I am getting this.
I like Omega a lot, so this comment is not intended to bash Omega. It just strikes me as odd (or maybe just "late to the game") that Omega is making a modern update to one of its old classics, when other (less prestigious) watch makers have produced any number of homages or modern variations on that model for the past 10-15 years. I suppose Omega has more right to create the modern interpretation than the others have, however.
Ooh the Seamaster and the Nomos are both my cup of tea. But I've blown through my watch budget for the year.
The Seamaster is straight fire.
Nomos' Tangente date is amazing...
Love that date display, it's interesting without being too in-your-face and it works well with Nomos' design DNA.
Sweet Jesus that is nice
surprised no one commented on Omega Seamaster diver with the beautiful wave dial. that's on my list
I don’t think the Omega wasn’t noticed so much as just a dizzying array of very nice and realistic releases happened this year. Also, Omega had quite a task following up the Speedy Tuesday from last year really

That Nomos is a miss. Missing from this list is the bronze Oris. My fave in my price range so far.
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36 all the way! Unusual size so much more lust worthy.
True! I do like the look of the date at 6, but I think I'd have the 36 too.
Adding this to the list... ;)
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I’ll ale a couple of pics at the local boutique next time I visit, they have a rainbow white gold GMT that’s just as stunning
How can something so expensive look so cheap?