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Sennheiser massdrop edition 6xx - first impressions on receiving them

The Headphones which drew me to Massdrop in the first place are finally slated to arrive sometime next week. I’d be grateful if those who’ve already received it would share their initial experiences so far and whether the stock earpads need to be changed. Cheers people !
Justas Petrulis

Having received the HD 6XX during the first run, I can say with certainty that it's an HD 600. Sounds just like I remembered. Along with the HD 650, these are the most overrated headphones on the market. I can only really tolerate the HD 600/6XX for chamber music, which I don't really listen to. Not that it's bad, it's just not special for anything else.
Well, I’ve had the 6xx for some time and I’ve been pairing it entirely with the chord mojo the entire time. Initial trial sessions with both the dragonfly red and black didn’t fare well and proved an underwhelming listen. Build quality is good. Despite having a large bit of plastic in its construction I haven’t encountered creaking at all. Clamp pressure is firm and hasn’t caused any discomfort or pain. Stock ear pads are very comfortable and I see no need to replace them. Soundstage is wider than deep but less than some other open headphones I’ve had the pleasure of trying. Bass is taut and tastefully recreated but this are not headphones to have if one craves sub bass rumbles etc. I find they excel in certain genres of music particularly R&B and jazz. They have been said to have a non fatiguing sound and this much is true. I attribute this to the dialed back treble and the reduced resolution. I don’t think I have spent enough time with them and these are just early thoughts. But they do sound good listening to Marvin Gaye and Black Sabbath :) it has been sheer pleasure listening to Sabbath’s remastered 10 year war on them so far
I agree about the Dragonfly. I only have the Black edition and it just can't drive them sufficiently. They sound good but I can tell they need a lot more juice to open up. Next task is to find a good AMP & DAC to pair them with.
bedazzled. That midnight blue colour...

Just received them. DHL were kind enough to send them earlier than expected
Foreword: At this point the HD6XXs are the best headphones I own with all the others I have being gaming headsets that range between $40 and $250, so I am relatively new to audiophile stuff.
Initial impressions: The clarity is _amazing_, these things are very nice. The earcups are a little bit large in comparison to what I am used to, but they are comfortable. The initial side pressure is just the wrong side of comfortable for me over extended listening sessions (2+ hours), but I also believe that they will loosen up a bit over time and that problem will go away.
The highs can be a little bit more than I enjoy, but that isn't horrible since I don't normally listen to a lot of music with those highs anyway. Open-backed headphones are also amazing (well, at least these are) in how much you can hear outside of the audio experience when the volume is low or music paused. That is pretty cool since with my gaming headsets I normally have to remove one or both earcups to be able to talk with people offline.
My biggest complaint with them so far is that they seem to have a relatively small sound stage and sometimes the imaging (sense of positioning of sound) can get muddled about. To me the sound stage normally feels like it ends somewhere between my shoulders and the outside of the headphones, so it is a very narrow space. This wasn't very surprising as that seems to be a common complaint with the 6XXs/ 650s, but I didn't really understand it until I got to experience it for myself. As a result, I still find gaming to be better with my Turtlebeachs (PX24).
Another common complaint that I saw in reviews and things was that the bass wasn't very "there" with the HD6XXs, but I can't say that I really see it. The bass seems to be good; not overpowering of the mids, but still very present.
Overall I am very pleased with the purchase so far, and am looking forward to when my Schiit stack arrives (to give me a better AMP/DAC than I currently have access to).