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[Ongoing] Pro Photo Gear Discussion

On Massdrop, whether you’re a beginner just starting out or a seasoned expert, you should always be able to find answers to your questions within the community.
PRO PHOTOGRAPHY Capturing the right moments requires the right skill, but those moments are made all the better when you have the right gear. And that’s just the beginning. Editing your photography is a journey all on its own, and learning about the hardware, software, and equipment you can incorporate into your process can improve your work from start to finish.
ASK QUESTIONS • How can I optimize the lenses I bring with me on a trip? • Which cameras are best for taking video? • What’s the best kind of monitor for editing photos?
Find your answers by asking the community. There are members here who are experts in pretty much every area you can imagine, and they can help you go from beginner to pro.
Ask your question/s by posting in the discussion below.
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Why does my phone do 4k 60fps, but Eos R only has 4k 30?
Other than it obviously cropping the picture, are there any disadvantages of a cropped sensor over a full frame if they have the same specs
Full frame cameras usually have a lower native ISO and better high ISO performance. Often times they have a higher dynamic range, but that isn’t a guarantee, and high end crop sensor cameras like the d500 can create phenomenal images as well. Also full frame cameras obviously tend to have more megapixels, but cost a lot more.
There are pro versions of crop sensors. Like the Canon 7D MKII. The crop sensors can work great for telephoto lenses. Giving a long lens a longer reach.
Conversely it can turn that favorite lens into a different monster. Such as the way an 85mm looks on FF vs APSC. Not quite the portrait nailing machine.
The noise issue is real. I had a lot of problems with noise when I was using crop sensor Canon bodies. When I moved from the T6s to the older 6D, my dynamic range, color, and noise performance improved even if I did lose dual pixel AF, and for from 45 to 11 focus points.
Favourite travel tripod and/or long exposure tripod?
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Manfrotto is DA BOM.
I did an Asia trip with the MeFoto GlobeTrotter Classic Carbon Fiber. Collapses very small (41cm, 1.7kg) , was able to strap it under the Peak Sling 10L. Comes with an Arca ballhead. Was able to ditch the plate and shave off 0.5cm and a few grams since I had a Peak Capture plate attached to the camera. Comes with spiked rubber feet, standard 3/8 16" if you need to attach metal spikes.

Did a 1 hr timelapse of the blood moon over the South China Sea, strapping my bag off the center column hook to stabilize it. Very happy with it.
What lens is best for Canon m5 when it comes to landscape like photography? Mostly mountains or hills, northern countries.
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Thanks you have been a great help! I'm reading about the lenses now I really appreciate the recommendations
You can often find great wide lenses for canon from third parties like tokina or samyang. They are sharp, have large maximum apertures, and are significantly cheaper.
Has MD ever had a mirrorless lens go on sale? Let's upvote those deals, yo!!
Hey folks. We have a winner of the Peak Design Everyday Bag & Field Pouch. Congrats to Dr.McCoy! The giveaway has concluded, but if you have any questions (or answers), keep them coming. Thanks y'all.
Thanks again, Duncan & Massdrop! Really looking forward to it!
Anyone have any recommendations for a Light Room alternative? I'm looking for something to store and organize my images with tags and light edits on the side.
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DigiKam is great for tagging, and can tag raw images. I used this to add metadata in bulk. It can do bulk renaming based on tags, moving to other folders, etc.. It's open source and it's free.

If you need something for demosaicing and developing in bulk, RawTherapee has a great and fast workflow once you understand and get used to it. DarkTable might be a little easier to learn. Both are perfectly capable of replacing Lightroom.

There's also Affinity Photo if you want to stick it to Adobe by supporting a competitor. It's got an interesting RAW workflow and it works with PortraitProfessional plugins so I could ditch Photoshop. I do the developing in RawTherapee due to its sheer power and bring it in to Affinity Photo for editing.
I have not heard of DigiKim but I've just downloaded it so I'll try it and see what I can do. I love Affinity but it's more a PS competitor than LR. If they make one for LR, I would support them and pay it in a heart beat. RawTherapee I do have but if it supports tagging and related I would be set. Thanks for the recommendations and I'll try it now! Cheers!
Does anyone have recommendations for Adobe Lightroom educatio? I am ok with it but want to get better. Or is there a better app out there for processin?
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For processing, Capture One is terrific. Its tools for working with curves, levels, color, etc. have spoiled me. I can’t even imagine using Lightroom for working with an image. In comparison, Lightroom seems downright primitive.

It can be expensive, but if you use Sony, they offer a deal that is quite affordable. I haven’t checked in awhile about whether they still have that, though.

My problem with either LR or CO is that organizing collections of digital images is difficult for me. I still mainly shoot film. Huge four drawer filing cabinets full of negatives work a lot better for this old brain.
Thanks I will give that a try!
Does anyone use the Peak Design Everyday Backpack 20L? I've been eyeing it to use as a travel backpack and to hold my Sony A7III with my 35mm and GoPro camera and accessories. I'm 5'5 and weigh about 150 so I'm just wondering if it's going to be too bulky or not? I normally use North face backpacks and I do love it but its just too bulky to use at times.
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I’m 5’6” and weigh 140. It’s my daily bag and my go-to camera bag. I do not find it bulky at all. I personally find it to be more of a slim design than any other backpack I’ve had. The fabric is a big more rigid because of the water protection so it doesn’t get saggy or bulge out even when full.

I carry heavier gear than you have listed, and still find it to be a slimmer profile even when full to the brim. I’m an NGO photographer and this bag is my go-to for travel, too.
I have the bag for half a year now. I am of similar build to you and I found it very comfortable. I managed to carry my m43 camera body+ 3 lenses and my Mavic Pro as well as a travel tripod. Very versatile.