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ROUE watches

My name is Alex Iervolino. I began ROUE watch project two years ago, begging sales in September 2017. I worked in finance for over 20 years while spent my free time collecting design creations from German Braun radios to mid-century Scandinavian furniture and classic cars. I decided to take this passion for aesthetics one step further and create something new. I began by designing my own furniture and later progressed to timepieces.
Massdrop cordially invited me to show my brand in four different campaigns for each of my models. Begging with the CHR - chronograph, we will also run the HDS - Hands, SSD - seconds sub dial and CAL - calendar. Don’t hesitate to make questions, comments or suggestions.

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Alex, you did create very nice watches, indeed! I like the tasteful design of the dials, classic turtle cases and the homage behind it. I'm a watch aficionado and the focus of my watch collection is mostly on design, not prestige or price or the name of the brand. I just added black/grey SSD to my collection and joined the drop for CHR chrono .
My one suggestion would be to drop the silvery pushers on the black case chronos. Some may like it, but IMO this cheapens the overall classic look of the watch. I think if you can make the pushers black on some future incarnations this would be more inline with the black case and less so "into your face" look.
Hi brainwave, Thank you for your really positive words specially from a watch aficionado. I think you have a good point about the pushers. It is not the first time I receive this suggestion although I also hear people enjoying them in silver color. I personally like both options and I wold try them in black in the next collection. Please subscribe to our newsletter in our website to receive information about new releases and so. I would also ask you to leave a small review at our website when possible. It is very important for us. Thank you and enjoy your watch. Alex
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