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"If I want a full-frame camera which one do I choose?"

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Nikon and canon are heavyweight and hurt my neck after an hour of street photography. Get mirror less save your neck.
Depends on your use case. Canon has arguably the best lenses of the three examples here. Canon also has weather sealing on their pro line cameras and lenses. Sony is only just catching up there. Nikon flagship bodies are a bit ahead of Canon in the sensor department. Nikon also has weather/dust sealing, and are pretty professionally oriented. The Sony stuff probably has the best sensors, but they still lag behind Nikon and Canon in usability. They simply arent mature in the DSLR-ish format yet (though technically it's mirrorless). If you are doing video, Sony or Canon. If you are doing landscape, wedding or portrait, Nikon or Sony. If you are doing sports, Canon.
The other considerations are lenses. Some cameras, such as the Fuji X mount line, are slim to non-existent on specialty lenses like macro and tilt shift. Canon on the other hand probably has the widest range of lenses.
I would actually recommend a A7RII, just because the price difference is pretty big, and the quality is almost the same (almost, keyword :p). Do you guys agree? ps: I bought a Sony A7RII after the launch of the A7III due to massive discounts, and I'm so happy :D (but I also spent a lot of $$$ on lens, oh well :D )
Oooor, A7SII - depending on your intended use. For me, having 42mp to crop from is a big deal, and in low light the camera is awesome!
The Sony cameras are - in my and many of my photographer-friend's opinions - the best full-frame on the market right now. They offer great structured software, great sensors, outstanding build quality that often feels much more expensive than the quality of canon and Nikon cameras. I would recommend you the Sony for sure!
I've actually heard more than one photog complain about muddy colors. I suppose if you are used to Canon's colors the Sony ones may be more muted. Also heard a lot of complaints about the usability of Sony vs Canon and Nikon. That there is more menu diving and a less intuitive experience. That said, Sony or Fuji is building my next camera. Canon seems content to rest on it's laurels.
Sony A7iii its really popular
A7 III. Right? Am I right??? :D
If you can wait, wait until next year. Later this year, both Canon and Nikon are expected to unveil their respective answers to Sony's popular mirrorless cameras. It'll be very interesting to see what they produce.
Sony A73
Nikon, Nikon, Nikon!
I'd personally go with the Sony. I recently switched from Canon to Sony mainly due to the form factor of the Sony. Honestly either one of these cameras will be great and nobody will be able to tell the difference between the photos taken on one instead of the others. It really comes down to personal preference.
I'd recommend Nikon. The 810 and 850 in particular have amazing sensors and its simply a pleasure to shoot on. (I've used pretty much all brands with the exception of lumix)
Why is Nikon better?
In the long run the Nikon is a better camera for professional photography. But if you just want some good photos than the other two will work!!
If you want an actual quality photograph, you will shoot with Canon. That being said canon does not overheat like sony does. Canon and nikon can use every lens with an adapter. Also if you enjoy messing around with menus rather than shooting than the a7 is for you. Also sony lens are made by zeiss that being said, you will be paying over the amount of a native lens for Canon and Nikon. Also more third party products that actually work for Canon and Nikon, thatbis duebto the fact of a7 being newer.
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You must be joking. Recent Canons have been garbage in terms of image quality.
I wouldn't say garbage, but it's true that Canon appears to be determined to put out yesterday's tech and for some time now. Both Nikon and Canon now finally see Sony as a legitimate threat so it'll be very interesting to see what their responses are in the next 12 months.
Sony, because you can use just about any lens made by anyone with the right adapter. The Sony is by far an easier camera to handle as it's quite a bit smaller. As far as battery life, extra batteries are cheap.
Sure you can use lenses with an adapter, but AF often suffers. Also raw conversion can be a little weird when you mix brands. Its really only worth doing if you already own an extensive locker of Canon L series, Leica or Nikkor.
Nikon for it's sensor and ecosystem. Sony body is lighter, lenses are heavier so it's a wash. There are more lenses for Nikon.
probably worth noting the d850's sensor is made by sony :D
Sony, it's lighter more compact and if its the A7RIII I believe the battery life isn't bad and overall is a great camera.
Nikon D850 or Sony A7RIII (I have both). But NOT Sony A7II or A7RII(get rid of it as soon as III came out). IMHO, prior to mark III Sony A7 models have too many bugs, low battery life and sub par to Nikon D750(upgraded to D850).
agreed, a lot of old information being regurgitated around here, the 3rd gen alphas put everything else to bed with the exception of the D850, which is more or less on par w/ the sonys (hint: it has a Sony sensor). If you do your due diligence and aren't locked into an existing ecosystem, Sony comes out on top pretty cleanly. It's weird because nothing has been so clear-cut for years, but here we are. Of course, Canon has finally decided to stop resting on its veteran laurels and build a decent mirrorless system, so we'll see what they come up with in the near future.
5D Mk iv
Sony if you start new.
The A7iii is a remarkable value. If I were to go full-frame, for $2k it seems like a no-brainer.
This totally depends on your usage case. Honestly, I have had both a D750 and an A7ii and if you don't need to use the camera in a fast paced professional situation (paid at wedding, function ect) I would just get the Sony. All the features only mirrorless provides are fantastic in a non time-sensitive situation.
For entry level bang for buck, the value in the Sony is hard to beat. That being said, take a look at most pros kits and I am betting you will see either Canon or Nikon. Canon IMO has the best glass, but that can be addressed with adapters. Personally do a lot of photo and video and Canon has always been my go to. Top tier Canon stuff also holds up very well in inclement conditions. Their weather proofing is top notch.
I would go Sony because they're doing the most innovation and they are currently the best for video while maintaining solid specs for photography
I would recommend you to go for the Sony A7 III, as said below, you save 1 grand and can get a Sigma MC-11 adapter and Sigma lenses. They are way cheaper than Sony G lenses and quality on the Sigma is outstanding, specially the Art series.