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Orient Ray II Blue poll - great watch

That very well known watch is a bestseller. To the point it is almost no available anywhere. Hence the idea - because Massdrop is an Orient authorized dealer, maybe they will be interested in selling that watch to Massdrop. Reasonable retail price is 180-190 USD. It's their new watch, being only on the market since few months.   Here is the poll, please vote if you're interested. It looks absolutely awesome and represents great value. Thanks :)
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Definitely interested!
I already own the Ray Raven II (the PVD coated one), but I can say that it is a wonderful watch. I am wearing it on a BluShark NATO right now (the stainless bracelet is surprisingly good for a $245 watch). I bought the watch from Long Island Watches primarily because I wanted a PVD black watch that was automatic and did not cost a fortune (Marathon!).
I do think the blue Ray is a good looking watch. It is also hand-winding, which is a necessity for me.
Personally, I want the blue Orient World Time. I also own the blue Orient Sun and Moon, which has been sold out everywhere for a while. That watch is fantastic . (although the strap is fake alligator so I had to upgrade it.
I for one would be interested in a Ray II drop...
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