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An interview with!

Our Massdrop Collaborations team had a chance to sit down with to talk about the business, Massdrop Made products, and our Outdoors and Ultralight communities. They asked us some good questions so we're sharing it with all of you.
Many of you know where and when we got our start, what we're about, and how the Outdoors and Ultralight communities in particular came to be, but if you don't, you should check out the article below to get the whole story.
See the article here:

What is Massdrop & How Does it Work? Outdoor Gear, the Ultralight Community, and More

Have your own questions for us? Ask us in the discussion below.
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Huge thanks to Daniel Zweier over at for this amazing write-up!
Thanks Kim! This is my Massdrop account -- love this platform :)
Daniel Zweier
Great write up! Could definitely be used cross-platform as well just to introduce people to the site.