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Spyderco Para 2 w/ CPM-M4, in black DLC

Did anyone else pick up one of these? Or two, or three...?

I'm actually not a fan on the "natural" G10 scales--I think it has an almost sickly the. But there's nothing easier to swap out than Spyderco scales, and I am a big fan of M4. And now I'm a fan of Spyderco DLC process--this is the first DLC blade from them I've owned.
Actually, this is my first Para 2, and only second Spyderco folder. First was the BladeHQ exclusive satin M4 blade Manix. Outstanding knife, but I understand that the Para 2 is even more well-regarded.

Hatuletoh and usa1rick

I think the opposite, the jade G10 is beautiful, but why hide beautiful metal behind just black
M4. It patinas. And then you gotta clean it. Para 2 is a user knife. You don't want to be worried about rinsing it down every time you use it.
I understand the logic, but still id rather just keep up on maintenance than have all black then the get scratched up from use. Also I'm a butcher and the coatings make cutting harder.
Damn, I really do like those, and normally I don't love DLC coatings, but for M4 it is a very good idea.
Either of you want to let one go? Just got the Para 3 and need its big brother.
I flipped my extra P2 a couple weeks ago so as to be prepared with the funds to pick up a little something--literally--even more rare, as shown in the pic. However, I know of two other extras and I'd be happy to inquire about their availability for purchase.
One caveat for the potential emptor: the local market is currently bearing a mark-up of around 50% above the original BladeHQ price of $175. Perhaps a bit less w/o an after-market Lynch clip, or if the knife isn't being sold w/ original box/papers. But even still, I'd expect it would be $225-235 to even start the conversation.
I'll post back here w/ any info I can get for you.
Mr. SPGL, my apologies--no one is looking to sell a PM2, at least not at anything like a reasonable prixe.
However, BladeHQ will be dropping the PM3 with the DLC any day now, so if you're interested and haven't already, get on over to their site and get on the email list. Hopefully they'll give a few days heads up, like they have for all the PM models in the past. And also for their new exclusive kwaiken. One of their exclusive kwaikens, I should say. I got mine today, although I'm really more excited about the marbled carbon w/ copper bolsters. But the model that dropped today was pretty cool too.
I was lucky enough to get two!