Mar 30, 2018183 views

MSP Core 4 Bio-Reactor Ultimate Wood Stove & Grill

Just got my MSP Core 4 and it seems pretty great so I wanted to share some info. It's made of titanium so it's light, it's sturdy and from the vids I saw, seems to work just great (pretty fast boil...). I got the "ultimate" so you can put it in it's 4 wall configuration or 3 walls or, if you get the conversion kit as I did, 5 walls (which has two openings to feed in wood). It can also be used with solid fuel in which case, you can close the doors.
I think this would make for a great drop... Oh, and it packs small...


Duncan and planb10113

I would love to see a drop for this stove! Been looking at it for a while...
Less and less places here to burn wood. Fire bans and all. I worry with designs like that with so many pieces. Lose or damage one thing and done.