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Footwear brands folks should know about

There's nothing I enjoy more than stumbling upon brands with little exposure and amazing product. They are the type of encounters that as a lover of clothing and accessories (or any category for that matter) make you fall in love that much more with your hobby; understand how deep the rabbit hole goes and loving every step of the journey down it.
Recently came across a pretty impressive article on The Styleforum Journal about Cobbler Union, a brand that we've featured on Massdrop in the past, and a brand that a lot of people may not recognize right away, but carries amazing footwear traditions in the heart of Spain, sourcing some of the best materials in all of Europe.
From more casual brands like Tredagain and Muroexe to dress shoe and bootmakers like Cobbler Union and Oak Street Bootmakers, we are always exploring both new and established brands to bring to our community members.
What are some of your recent (or not so recent) finds in the world of footwear that surprise you not more people know about? Let us know in the comments!

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