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Taking photography seriously

im 14. Ive been shooting on my iPhone 6s for a while now . i feel like ive found my purpose .
can you guys please tell me a cheap entry level DSLRs for me . within like 400-450$ range

Tyler and Jaysun

Take a look at the Nikon D3400 im 16 and that is my first and only DSLR and it is amazing. what type of photos do you take?
Since a good number of photographers are buying into mirrorless camera systems, this is actually an outstanding time to buy a used DSLR. What BF_Hammer said is 100% true: A camera that was good 8 years ago can still do solid photography today, and will cost considerably less. Good case in point: I got one of my cameras back when it was new for something like $1200 for the body. My wife got the same body last year from a friend of mine (who was buying into Sony mirrorless cameras and needed the cash) for $250. Both cameras still work great.
Bokeh Market is a free site that'll help you track the going rates for gear, and doesn't ask for a login or anything. Before springing for a bit of gear, it doesn't hurt to run it through Bokeh Market to make sure that what the seller is asking is a reasonable price.
The DxO Lens database https://www.dxomark.com/best-lenses-under-13000-dollars is a really handy tool for comparing lenses before buying them. It can be a little overwhelming to use at first, especially if you're trying to use it to find The Best Lens. But it's truly useful if you're trying to choose between two competing lenses.
What yanjay said about kit lenses is true, but I'll add one caveat: If you're buying a used DSLR, getting one with a kit lens won't typically raise the price that much, and it gives you focal length coverage you wouldn't otherwise have. I'll give you an example from Canon: The 18-55 lens they include in all their kits is of mediocre quality. The cheapest 50mm prime (<$100) will outperform it at 50mm, and is well worth the investment. But hang onto that 18-55! Racked to 24mm, stopped down to f/5.6, and used on a tripod for landscape work, and it's a cheap way to get wider than 50mm. You'll eventually want to replace it, but meanwhile you can put it to work. (I still use my 18-55mm kit lens. Go figure.)
Once you do choose a camera and lens(es), don't let anything stop you. Use it every way you can conceive of and then keep pushing.
Perhaps go visit a local camera shop in your area. I know mine has a regular selection of used bodies and lenses. What was good gear 8 years ago will still take good photos today, and you can get it a lot cheaper because somebody else felt the urge for something new.
Nikon D90 or D7000 might be in that range now, and still leave you budget for a nice zoom lens. Those were Nikon's top-of-the-line consumer grade DSLR in their time. I am not as knowledgeable about the Canon gear, but I suspect about the same with similar vintage.
I would look for 2nd hand based on your budget. I would suggest start with any entry level from Canon, Nikon with a 50mm standard prime lens, I would not recommend getting the kit zoom lens that bundled with the entry level camera body, most of them are not pretty poor. check out https://northrup.photo/, they have great recommendations on all budget level for different type of photography you want to focus on.
Any of the starter cameras from Nikon or Canon or a used Sony A6000 are a good bet. You can find a combo Nikon D3400 with kit and 70-300 lens for around 450, IIRC.