Apr 1, 201895 views

How difficult is it to find replacement parts for your favorite keyboards?

To those of you who have found yourself scouring the web for replacement parts, or to those who just like to do a little isolated tweaking and tinkering:
What kind of keyboard do you have, how'd you break it, and what did you do to fix it?
I'm curious to know which boards you all like to work on, which are prone to breaking, and what kind of resources you know of for fixing and parts.

It's usually not too difficult to find replacement parts for boards between sites like kbdfans.cn, wasdkeyboards.com, aliexpress.com, originative.co, taobao, here, and elsewhere. The only thing I've managed to do so far is fry a 60% board while desoldering some switches, but that was a $30~ish fix, just time consuming really.
As far as resources/guides go, there's a ton of information out there between forums like geekhack, /r/mechanicalkeyboards, deskthority, etc, so google is your friend on that.