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HuB Kickstarter is Live!

Hello fellow Massdroppers,
I am proud to announce that the Kickstarter for HuB - a custom keycap profile - is now live and off to a great start!
Sweet article on tested about HuB http://www.tested.com/tech/826501-custom-keyboard-spotlight-hub-keycap-profile/
HuB is a custom keycap profile that can most simply be described as a cross between cherry and DSA profiles. The base set includes support for many layouts including but not limited to - 104, 1800, WKL/HHKB, MiniVan, BananaSplit/DZ60, and Planck/Preonic.
The goal is high at $500,000 but the reason for that is creating molding and process that will allow us to produce very high quality keycaps for a very low cost. We are looking to bring the cost of custom keycaps down considerably as well as decreasethe turnaround time so that we can get them faster.
This is a very ambitious project, but with the support of this community behind us, we know we can make something truly awesome.
Evan Sailer
TheVan Keyboards


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rip :(
Are all the R5 keycaps convex? I assume at least the 6.25u and 7u are. If not all, then any of the others?
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all the space bars are convex. 200, 225, 275, 625, and 700. I will put together a spacebar render to show them off better.
Adding a convex 1u to this picture would put everything in perspective:
I just noticed there is no convex 1u in this set. Some ortholinear users might want them for Raise & Lower and/or instead of the 2u spacebar.
I just wanted to say that I'm glad the kickstarter is 2 months long, as I've been a tad too spendy this month already. I'll be contributing in the next month for sure though!
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For the record, I just wanted to add that I didn't hold back for long and dove into the kickstarter head first. But between this, Kira, and Pulse SA.... yowza! Ah well, there is little buyers remorse when you buy beautiful things...
I’m in for all of those too. thank goodness there’s a little bit of staggering to the credit card periods!
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