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Oppo is ending production.

No joke. This is such a bummer.

Some coverage regarding this announcement:
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I just got the HA-2 SE, to replace my SoundBlaster E5 for mobile, and am still playing around with it. But when I read this I jumped on the PM-3 . I hope it will be a good office or public place counterpart to the HE-4xx that I use at home. From everything I have read it should shine. On a related note, does any one have experience replacing the pleather pads? I've heard about them coming apart after a while and would like to pre-empt that.
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The pleather pads are attached quite tightly to the ear capsules with small plastic clips, they are replaceable - and Oppo do sell replacements (though the manual says you will have to send them in for service, which is not correct)

Tyll Hertsens from Inner Fidelity shows the mounting system in further detail in his review: https://www.innerfidelity.com/content/oppo-pm-3-competent-comfortable-mobile-headphone
By the way, as an aside I took a photo recently of everything that came with my pair. You won’t be disappointed in the accessories either.
Time to go find a PM-2 to commiserate :(
Follow up: “Don’t speak to me or my son ever again.”
That's such a bummer ! It seems like they made some amazing products. I was hoping it was April's fool or something.
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Hey, I finally got the Orions!
I've had them for about 3 days now, and oh boi.
I'm sure you've read about them, so you've got a grasp on what they are like: Good highs, not sibilant at all(at least I didn't find them to be when compared to the K7XX) although sometimes they startle me( when the cymbals are hit hard and such other moments), I guess I'd tone it a down a little bit if I could(gotta learn how to use EQ). The mids are simply amazing, not much more to say about it than that, amazing. The bass... well, it isn't thumping and ultra powerful, but then again I've never even listened to bass heavy cans so I dunno what "bassy" sounds like, but it is present enough so that I don't miss it and it is of good quality, so I'm completely satisfied with it.
I've been listening mainly to jazz, rock, metal and pop on it and thus far I haven't regretted my purchase at all. They sounded awesome out of the box and plugged to my phone(S8), but when I plugged them into my rig I did feel the difference, the soundstage became a bit wider, there was more space, more "air", I guess, the sound also sounded more detailed(I guessing the mimby is responsible for this). To sum it up, they sound awesome out of the phone and I'm totally using it when I go out, but if you give them the extra juice they'll welcome it.
Now, on to how it looks... I'll let the images below do the talking, and I do believe they are quite persuasive.
The only other thing I'd like to comment on is their size. Probably because I've never bought IEMs before, all the pics I saw made me fell like the canvas case that came with them was much bigger than it actually is, not that it is a bad thing I was just surprised is all.

(God damn it owner, I'm a proud Gundam, not an earphone stand!)
Wow! Appreciate you sharing your experience with the Orions. Definitely want to get a pair now!! They look great in the images you posted. Thanks for sharing!!
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