Apr 4, 2018

Earbuds for a non headphones user

So I have a brother who has owned some headphones in the past but has really hated earbuds. Due to a lot of commute he has considered earbuds and I have considered buying a pair as a gift. I am a bit reluctant to spend too much but was wondering what would be a good pair around 100 dollars. He mostly listens to progressive metal and rock (Chon, Haken, Dream Theater etc.) And he doesn't really care for bass

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VE Monk Plus.
The earbuds that come with iPhones for free are decent.
My default response for good bang-for-buck earbuds around the $100 point would either be the Shure se215s or the 1More Triple-Driver IEMs.
Both are very solid options.
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Ended up going for the 1More Triple-Driver IEMs, found them on amazon for $100.00 Canadian.
They're surprising performers for $100. I hope your brother likes them
I read good things about the iBasso T01s, which are $100. I don't own a pair, but they definitely seem to be worth taking a look at ! I hope someone who owns them can give you more details on them. There's also Noble's Velvet, which will cost you 120$. Noble's products are seemingly amazing, so I'd believe they wouldn't mess it up with their first EDC(Every Day Carry) product.
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