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I lost it, somehow.
I had a link to a Reviews Thread in my email, looked at it with a dac/amp oppourtunity, then I can't find it now.

anybody know where it is?
steve, Duncan, and 1 other

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Do you mean the discussion?
I think so, yes.

How are you doing?
How's your doglets?
My girls are having false pregnancy* right now, TOTAL wrecking crew with all the nesting.


*False pregnancy is not uncommon a couple months after heat; it's a survival strategy in canines that allows other females to lactate and assist in rearing the young of the alpha breeding pair. Valuable.... but a pain in the patookies.

I'm good, they're good, the papillon was diagnosed with a lot of things all at once (heart failure, IVDD, allergies, arthritis, possible cancer) so I guess his age is catching up to him but he's still a good boy. Good luck with your dogs, sounds like a mess lol

Sounds like Duncan has you covered, I guess there's a new feature I don't know about!
Do you know which DAC/amp? It may have been the Massdrop O2 + SDAC DAC/Amp. We're slowly rolling out the Reviews feature so if you're seeing something strange or missing you can send me some screenshots (duncan.campbell@massdrop.com) if you want.
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I dunno man.
I will have to post a BAJILLION more times for you to click me to 1000 all by yourself.

No creepy feel here, dude.
I sense a good sense of humour going on over there.

Now, if I saw you standing around at my work-place, giving a thumbs up every time I examined/fixed somebody, I would DEFINITELY go with CreepyStalker for you.

I mean, we can make that happen. But you will have to cover airfare and lodging!
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