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Next Generation Technology 360-degree Camera

The next generation of technology is here.With our 360-degree VR 4K camera you can take professional-quality photos and video, and share them with the world in no time. With the world now able to be captured in 4K panoramic glory, you can experience virtual reality in a whole new way. We all know that now social media giants Facebook and YouTube support 360-degree videos. For instance, Google has a 360-degree street view for their Google maps application. So with this camera, you can upload your own 360 vr 4K video.

It's all possible with the new 360 VR 4k video camera that is perfect for either cyber shot or panoramic view. The 360 VR 4k video camera is easy to use and is among the most portable cameras in the world. It brings 360-degree video shooting and 4K quality to the masses because of its affordable price.
One of the many unique features of this camera is that you don't need to have software or multiple cameras or stitching anymore. The 360 VR 4k video camera has the feature of fast downloading of media via wifi, editing and sharing available directly from your smart phone, and longer than ever record times (up to 90 mins vs. 10 mins on others). It is amazing what the technology can do; its 360-degree camera feature captures all the angles in one lens. This type of panoramic camera is awesome for adventure lovers who want to capture the beauty of nature in its most complete form.The quality of videos is so extraordinary that even small details are captured with amazing clarity. It's a true 4k resolution, with no stitching between the shots. The 360 VR 4k video camera not only provides the highest quality of filming but also streams directly to social media networks with ease!This panoramic camera is made of a high-quality material. And with its application feature, it also gives a live view on your smartphone. With 4k VR, you can change the display type. You can choose the quality -- from 4K to 2.7K to 1080P. You can also change it to take high-quality pictures without distortion. It is equipped to be magnetized to an object, and it's splashproof.

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