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What Are Your Top 10 Board Games?

Wassup Gaiz,
So just a little background, I'm pretty heavily invested into MTG. I've played the game for years and I've always held it as a game that I can always fall back on. (similar to how I play video games, I've played League of Legends almost exclusively for the past 4 years).
However, I've recently gotten really into Board Games and I need a place to start. I've looked at board game geek for hours on end, reading boards and threads but I wanted to get a better sense of what people think are their top ten Board Games
Top 10 on Board Game Geek for those that are interested:
1. Pandemic Legacy: Season 1
2. Twilight Struggle
3. Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization
4. Terra Mystica
5. Caverna: The Cave Farmers
6: Puerto Rico
7. Agricola
8. Through the Ages: A Story of Civilization
9. The Castles of Burgundy
10. 7 Wonders: Duel
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Play. Gloomhaven.

If you have a consistent group and like legacy games, you will LOVE it.
Arkham Horror
Dead Of Winter
How has no one mentioned Spartacus?! If you all haven't checked it out, you should. It was the one that got me obsessed with board games!!! And if you watched the show, yes, the board game nails it pretty damn well. Et tu brute?
One of my more memorable board game experiences was with Spectre Ops.

Boy was that intense! But in the best way a board game can be. It's not a "gateway" type but if you're into MTG (which I also play) you will definitely enjoy this.

Some of my go-to faves in no particular order:

Samurai Sword
King of Tokyo
Betrayal at House on the Hill
Firefly (!)
Ticket to Ride
7 Wonders
Epic Spell Wars

... and so many, many, many more, lol. Welcome to this side of nerdom!
Ticket to ride - kind of like risk/strategy
Smash up - deck building (they have good themes for decks -- GoT, Marvel, etc)
risk - strategy/war
exploding kittens - card game
after dark charades - good party game with friends
Caught the BG bug two years ago and the library is now at 100. It's addictive. I prefer the heavier side of the Euro. My current top ten might look something like:

1. Food Chain Magnate
2. Trickerion
3. Orleans
4. Scythe
5. Arboretum
6. Modern Art
7. Terraforming Mars
8. Great Western Trail
9. The Gallerist
10. Not Alone
If you are an MTG fan but a. trying to get out because it is too expensive or just want a board game that gives the feel but is easy to explain and have non-mtg players play. You must try Seasons, fun game but i did not have to spend thousands of dollars for it. As for my top 10, I am a Feld die hard, but to keep it even I throw only my top feld in there.

1. Macao
2. Terra Mystica (have not tried Gaia Project yet)
3. Troyes
4. Bridge
5. Keyflower
6. Agricola
7. Antiquity
8. Chinatown
9. Acquire (still the best economic game hands down)
10. Concordia
Massdrop is responsible for getting me into board games, and my entire collection. What's been wonderful is that many of the drops overlapped directly with BGG top 100 titles :)

One thing to consider: the BGG top 10 span several genres, as well as complexity levels -- it's worth getting a feel for which mechanics/genres might appeal most to you: Ameritrash vs. Euro; LCG vs. RPG; dungeon crawl vs. tabletop miniatures skirmisher; legacy vs. individual session; etc.

For what it's worth, I bet you'll enjoy and be happy with ANY Massdrop drop of a title in the top BGG 150 -- I certainly have been.

My secret hope is that Massdrop will launch a BGG Top 100 collection campaign, and help us addicts collect the ENTIRE set of BGG Top 100 (including classic canonical games like Catan, Agricola, 7 Wonders, Dominion to hottest recent releases like Pandemic Season 2, Scythe, Star Wars Legion, Twilight Imperium 4th Edition, etc.)

So excited for you to jump in and get bitten by the boardgame bug!

Massdrop: please hurry up and allow us to post our collections on our profile pages :)
I haven't played many board games sadly, but I did have a chance to try Catan and really liked it. I haven't had a chance since because... I have no friends.
I'm new to the world of board games and the very first board game (card game i guess) is munchkin that a friend of mine brought abroad. Board games in my country are very niche and there's not a lot of choice. Massdrop helped me started with my board game addiction as the shipping is much cheaper than most online shop i tried.

Haven't played a lot of the games you guys mentioned here but have seen the play through online. I'm starting to get some slowly now. I can't mentioned any top tens currently but would love to contribute as a new player my favorite games currently. I'm hoping that the community can or may help me branch out or advice/recommend me more great games for me and a little group of mine to play.

My current favorites right now and that i own are:
Dead of winter
Escape from 100 million BC

I want to delve into RPG but having no veteran DMs around so i'll be trying games like the D&D tabletop instead. Cheers
vote up for splendor, catan and coup
If you like games like MTG, you should try Ascension. As an avid mtg player, this game is easier to learn, and provides hours of entertainment. I highly recommend it.
Ten Excellent Games

Dominion - Granddaddy of deck building games.
Terraforming Mars - Probably game of year last year
Chaos in the Old World - Great assymetric territorial control game.
Pandemic: Legacy - Best coop game AND best legacy game
Trajan - Underrated classic
Tyrants of the Underdark - Streamlined deckbuilding + territorial control
Lords of Waterdeep - an excellent, highly accessible worker placement game.
Caverna - It's agricola, but with the worst parts of agricola fixed.
Blokus - Best game to play with non-gamers.
Kingsburg - Best game involving rolling lots of dice.

Been playing hobbyist games since 2007, but in the last two years my collection has burst the seams of every surface in my family (now GAME) room. I enjoy heavy thinkers, with minimal random number generation (I can enjoy dicey games, as long as probability is key to it - see one of my list that is very much dice).

There's no way to put a ranking on this list, but there are a few that I will drop most things to play, so I'll start with those:

Terraforming Mars
Power Grid
Dead of Winter
Roll for the Galaxy
Race for the Galaxy

I don't own Scythe, yet, and that might be a bad word here on MD after the Jamie incident. That whole experience turned me off to his game, but there's just so much positive feedback on's hard to not want to try it out.
In no particular order -
Battle For Sularia
Dead Men Tell No Tales
Boss Monster
Tiny Epic Galaxies
Eminent Domain
Firefly Board Game
Resident Evil Deck Building Game
7 Wonders
Above and Below
I am selling board games for 8 years. over 7 million boxes already, and that is what stats tells.
There are games that are named "board games" in stores, but in fact that is not even a gateway - Jenga, Uno, Tenzi etc.
In numbers that is a huge part of sales.
There are gateway games - the best point to start boardgaming - Ticket to Ride, Catan, Carcassone.
And there are lots and lots more games for core gamers - but you shouldn't start with it - sometimes reading a rulebook takes an hour. But after gateway games you surely will switch to "gamers games".
By the way in Russia most popular gateway game is Jackal - just now it is on Kickstarter
1) Container
2) See #1.

I'm so obsessed with this game it isn't even funny.

Things I love about the game:
1) There's no RNG. (Unless you consider the random order of player seating at the start of the game - over hundreds of games with the same group of players, we have found no correlation between starting position and outcome)
2) It's a game about supply chain management, which tickles my economics nerdiness fancies
3) There is very little asymmetric information, which means decision making is incredibly subtle.
4) There are many different auction bidding strategies to consider.
5) Specialization and gains-from-trade are essential, yay free trade!
6) There are basically three rules to the game, so it's really easy to learn
7) There's nothing to memorize (I hate games where you have to anticipate 'he's probably holding the Thief card so I have to play around it, even though this is my first game and I've never seen the Thief card, or the 60 other mystery action cards').
Instead of looking at the top 10 on, I would instead look at the "weight" rating on that site for each game. For instance, Twilight Struggle is #2 on that site and it's weight rating is 3.52 (out of 5). That's a heavy game for someone new to the hobby to learn and process if you are just getting in hard core. Terra Mystica is a 3.92, and Caverna is a 3.79. You might get lost if these are the first three games you purchase.

I got into the hobby about two years ago in earnest and I started out with the "gateway" games like Ticket To Ride, Stone Age, Splendor, Dominion, and Pandemic.

I buy about one game a month and I can echo some of the earlier suggestions on this thread. Blood Rage is great, but unforgiving if you make a mistake. You can put all your eggs in one basket in that game and get slaughtered, but once you know what the cards do, you rarely make that mistake twice. Dead of Winter is great, as is Betrayal at House on the Hill (both games have crazy replayability due to the crossroad cards in DOW and the 50 scenarios in BAHH. Marvel Legendary is a great deck building game if you get tired of the theme-less (but awesome) Dominion. Stone Age is a great entry point into worker placement games. I haven't yet migrated to the Agricola's of the world. I also think Five Tribes is a nice twist on that worker placement mechanic. I am just now graduating to meatier games like Blood Rage, Cry Havoc, Scythe, and Istanbul.

My advice to you would be check out the "gateway" games (that typically have a weight rating on BGG of about 2.75 or less) to figure out what types of games you prefer. Then, once you do that, start moving into the heavier games of that type with more rules, nuance, and depth.