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Sony WH-1000XM2 ear pad replacement and Mod

Has anyone found a substitute for the default ear pads for these headphones? I've been using the Sony's for the past 3 months and loved them for the most part. My only issue is the discomfort and sweaty ears after extended usage. I found a thread the recommended the Dekoni Audio Bose QuietComfort Premium Replacement Earpads.
1. Has anyone switched to the Dekoni Earpads and is there a benefit?
2. Any recommendation or suggestions about other products or DIY mods?

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Dakoni hinted at making pads for the 1000xm2, hopefully they make it happened. I really like the headphones but nobody makes replacement pads.
I ordered this ear pads from Amazon in Canada for 10$, and it fits perfect for my sony headphone.
I ran into same issue with my pair of XM2 ... Hot sweaty ears after short period of time. I also found the headband to be lacking padding. So I decided to mod both the earpads and headband.

I found a nice piece of leather and foam at local craft store. Punched some holes in it and stitched it right over the top of factory pad.
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Slight ANC performance degradation as tested by compressing the earpads against my head and full NC returns. However it is still acceptable with the mods and much more comfortable for ~$60 in materials and parts.

Thanks for the post.
I'm interested in this too
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