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Sony WH-1000XM2 ear pad replacement and Mod

Has anyone found a substitute for the default ear pads for these headphones? I've been using the Sony's for the past 3 months and loved them for the most part. My only issue is the discomfort and sweaty ears after extended usage. I found a thread the recommended the Dekoni Audio Bose QuietComfort Premium Replacement Earpads.
1. Has anyone switched to the Dekoni Earpads and is there a benefit?
2. Any recommendation or suggestions about other products or DIY mods?
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I swapped stock ear pads with Dekoni Choice suede that I bought via Massdrop. Found that they have these benefits:
  1. Better noise blocking so I can hear more details
  2. They are wider so more comfortable
  3. Less warm than stock
we actually make for the mk2 now specifically the drop just ran on massdrop
Anyone know which ear pads might fit with the new XM3 (WH-1000xm3). I find the new ear cups on the xm3 to be HORRIBLE. Especially if you have glasses. I love the tech in these headphones but I am desperate to make them as comfortable as the QC35s
I always wonder if Bose earpads would be made to fit these.
Dekoni announced that they will be releasing made-for-XM3 pads in the first quarter of 2019. So, soon! I have a pair of their Choice Leather pads for the XM2, softer and more ear room than stock, better isolation, sound great too!
Possible to put the XM3 ear pads onto the XM2's? Do the clips allign?
Maybe this would save the headache of trying to get aftermarket ear pads to allign.
Does anyone have any pictures of your headphones after successfully swapping out the XM2 earpads for more spacious or less hot aftermarket ones?
How did you get them to stay in place?
If the bose earpads allgins decently what do you think would be the best way to get them to look fine and be secure?
I'm also looking for an answer on this +1. Do the clips align - I actually hate the ear pads on the xm3 and want something like on the Bose QC35
The XM3 and XM2 earcups and mounts don’t match up, sadly. I did hear Dekoni is releasing an XM3 version of their XM2 pads soon.
Dakoni hinted at making pads for the 1000xm2, hopefully they make it happened. I really like the headphones but nobody makes replacement pads.
They made it happen! Did you see the Drop here on Massdrop? They used a new material, I have a pair in my hands right now!
I ordered this ear pads from Amazon in Canada for 10$, and it fits perfect for my sony headphone. https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B01LX6JZP1/?coliid=IRXTTU4L3H5LG&colid=7GVIA13675H0&psc=0&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it
They fit the Sony WH-1000XM2?? Do they have a bigger area inside? Like my ears are a little too big for the original ear pad...
If you don't care too much about the look of Sony headphone, Brainwavz pads are great and much more comfortable for bigger ears. It's also a little harder to install. Check youtube for instruction first. Goodluck.
I ran into same issue with my pair of XM2 ... Hot sweaty ears after short period of time. I also found the headband to be lacking padding. So I decided to mod both the earpads and headband.
I found a nice piece of leather and foam at local craft store. Punched some holes in it and stitched it right over the top of factory pad.
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Looks good. I wonder if the pads from my Beyer DT250 will fit.
Thanks for the post.
I'm interested in this too