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Nura Headphones

The world's first headphone that automatically learns and adapts to you
At its core is a self-learning engine built into the nuraphone that automatically learns and adapts to your unique hearing. Hear your favourite music for the first time.
Award winning
The proud recipient of the Best of Innovation at the CES Innovation Awards for 2018 in the headphone category for most impressive technology.
Absolute sound clarity
Inova - nura’s patented in & over-ear architecture splits the melodic sounds to an in-ear speaker, and bass to an over-ear tactile driver - delivering bass you can feel, while maintaining crystal clear detail.
Active cooling
A music-activated Tesla Valve venting system throughout the over-ear cups keep your ears cool for hours of use.
Unique Hearing Profile
After you Personalise your nuraphone, the nura App will create a visual representation of your unique hearing profile - which tells you about your hearing, as well as identifying you to your nuraphone to play you your perfect sound.What does the shape of my profile mean?The shape relates to the way you hear different frequencies of sound. Low notes at 12 o'clock and higher notes as the dial travels clockwise. The further away from the centre, the more sensitive you are to those frequencies.What’s my colour?We all hear differently in different ways. Bass notes, treble notes and all the notes in between. There is no good or bad - just different. Your nuraphone picks two colours that are unique to you so that you can immediately recognise your unique hearing signature.
  • Automatically learns your hearing in 60 seconds
  • Creates your unique hearing profile
  • Adapts the sound system to match your hearing system
  • There are no perfect headphones... Only headphones that are perfectly matched to you. The nuraphone automatically learns and adapts to your unique hearing.
  • Combined ear-cup with ear-bud for deepest bass you feel on your skin and clearest tones delivered to your eardrum
  • Music-activated cooling system using Tesla Valves to circulate air through the earcup
  • CES 2018 Best of Innovation. 2018 Red Dot, Best of the Best Award...
  • Wireless Bluetooth® with aptX-HD (with wired option). 20 hour battery life. Six microphones for voice call support.

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