Aug 12, 2016

Would love to see a 'Made in America' community

I am a huge fan of mass drop. I have purchased items at prices well below what I could have purchased them for elsewhere. Community sourcing insures quality options at good prices. The system is genius. When possible I try to buy products sourced locally. I am a big supporter of the small business economy since I am an owner of a small business. I feel a community representing products sourced from manufacturers who make their products in the USA would be popular. I would to it as my first place to shop.

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great idea
Do we still manufacture in America?
Yes. Actually we make a lot of lovely products here in the US. Check out www. Other items: Martin Guitar, Fender musical instruments, tons of other good stuff.
Heh Heh. Yep. All kidding aside there is a large growing list of products made in the USA. Check out and also search made in USA on Amazon. Great stuff is still made here. I own Martin, Fender and Gibson guitars all made in the USA.
Excellent idea.
I'd be on board!
American Giant sweatshirts would be sweet. Super high quality, they last forever.
It's been a while and I see some positive interest in a 'Made in America' community, but all I hear from the powers that be is crickets. Looks like there is no interest in making it happen.
watches of usa : Interestingly Brillier Watch Company, USA has a collection "Americana" which is genuinely designed and assembled here in Arizona. Their commitment is to release each Chapter with more and more of US made components until they have a fully made in USA watch. The collection is sold directly to watch enthusiasts at truly competitive value and not listed or discounted all over the net.
You will also be delighted to know that Zee Watch Group , a small business enterprise that owns the brand, is embarking on a manufacturing project that will make watch movements of all sorts(quartz/Mechanical and Smart analog) here in USA. The first production is scheduled to be ready by end of 2017 and will be exclusively offered to USA Watch Brands desiring to make their watches with the American Modules. The phased out approach to having a fully qualified Made in USA movement will be accomplished in 2-3 years.

Support from communities such as ours

will be encouraging in achieving this ground breaking project wishing to revive the American Watch Making Industry long lost since 1940's.
love sth made GENUINELY in USA with acclaimed quality, not just some labels with text " Made in USA". Totally different things.
I agree.
I'd favorite a made in america community, definitely. Not sure what I'd buy from it, but it'd also serve as an interesting grab bag and introduction to other hobbies?
This I can get behind.
i'll pay premium for made in america stuff. be it clothing, electronics, etc.

the only thing i'll never buy american is cars and food (gmo anyone?). LOL
The idea of creating an American Made community resonates with me.

All of us buy products made overseas, and no doubt we'll all continue to do that. However, there are few places online that focus specifically on American Made products. This community would distinguish Massdrop, and would likely attract many people who search for these products and have a hard time locating them.

Part of the inspiration would be the connection with the companies themselves. I'd feel better about buying from smaller American companies, knowing I'm helping them, and feeling a connection when wearing/using their products. It allows Massdrop to connect to a part of my identity at a different level than they do currently with their value/money proposition.

I suspect if there aren't a large number of items offered at first, we'll find more via polls, as we do in other communities. These products exist, and it takes research. But crowdsourcing that research to the community, and it gets far easier. In fact, I think the collection of well-made American manufactures goods will end up being impressive and even inspiring.
I would get behind this community.
Excellent topic. Great input by everyone. The ability to sort the drops would be quite useful. Going down the rabbit hole a little, the idea of supporting/highlighting transparent manufacturers and companies is a great one. May not fit Massdrop's model exactly, but a seal of approval/search option for ethical manufacturing practices and higher than standard employee compensation packages would be pretty cool.
i would fully support made in america products. i'm not american myself, but i appreaciate their craftmanship (just not their cars, LOL).

when i was growing up in the 80s in south america, made in america used to mean something. great produtcs, no cut corners.

but with the influx of cheap chinese/indian/vietnam/etc items...................

i mean, yes i want to save some money too, but i'm sick and tired of sub-par products. Thankfully i have enough disposable income to enjoy finer craftmanship and details. and i'm willing to pay for that.
I'd like to see something a filter for something like "ethically manufactured" or "transparently manufactured." Meaning that the product is made in a country where working conditions and environmental protection are enforced. Or else that the manufacturer is willing to provide the address of the manufacturing site to show that they don't need to hide how it's made. Most manufacturers in the US, Europe, Japan etc. are happy to do this.
Check out for a list of USA made products.