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AlpinerX - Hybrid Watch on Kickstarter

As an armchair mountaineer who occasionally tackle 14'ers, I've been looking for a reliable and rugged but not the usual and standard sport watches for the past 5 years or so without success--i.e. to my liking in terms of practicality and aesthetics--until I happened to see Alpina's upcoming AlpinerX smartwatch on Kickstarter last night. It fits the bill and immediate I backed the package with an extra wristband and tool for about 560CHF (retail list for $895 USD). I never owned an Alpina watch and, in fact, I didn't know much about the brand until about 6 months ago, so I'm taking a bit of gamble but I figured I had to take a chance. As of today, 15 April 2018, only five days remain on the Kickstarter project to back this watch, so check it out.
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Well i had the watch 4 weeks, without any Problems, then there was this watch update. After that update the watch was , is, dead. Since more than two weeks iam waiting for any respond from Alpina, so far nothing........ Iam very disapointed about such a behaivior, and also that we are used as crash test dummies. I thought , OK Alpina seams a good and well kwon brand ....... I dont think so now anymore. Iam waiting that my Ticket is responded and after sending it back to Alpina i will have someday a working watch again. My first and my last Alpina.
Wow... that's unfortunate. Mine works fine and just updated the firmware through the App last Sunday.
I got mine on Friday last week . So far its a nice watch. Does anybody know how this tracking thing works ? So that i can view my track on a map? And do i have to start every night the sleeping mode via the app ? Thanks for your answers !
Just got mine.
Now the Kickstarter event is over , and until that moment hardly any information from Alpina. The last Information , they will ship the first once in May . I hope Alpina talks with us a bit more in the future.
I agree. I checked their Kickstarter page to see if they had updated the status but they haven't since 24 April. I expected them to post some data identifying the most popular configuration, the numbers for each configuration, and a rough timeline for production within a day or two of the campaign closing. It's not like they don't have that information since they will be basing the initial batch based on that information. I'm just crossing my fingers that there isn't any rushing of assembly just to push out the watches.... Tesla Model 3 fiasco comes to mind.
Its a nice watch . Iam also backing this watch. You can configurate your own one! Thats nice and if we reach the 1.5M goal Alpina will put in also a heart rate sensor, then it would be a very good watch with a lot of functions.
Make sure to post yours when you get it. I decided to go all blue with orange colored hands and inner ring for a touch of high visibility. I'm not too fond of stealth looking items, especially when I'm outdoors hiking, rock climbing, or mountaineering. It will look awesome, and I plan to post a picture or two when I get mine.
Great, well i am going for the silver bezel, black case orange hands and hopefully black strap with orange stiches. I took the extra strap version, so i will also take the black rubber strap to go swimming or outdoor. But i think the watch will look great doesnt matter wich colour .