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I don't pay close attention to this kinda stuff so I'm sure this is an easy thing, I'm looking for a good USB-C DAC for my phone. I had the HTC-10 and it sounded great with it's quad DAC system, now with the Note 8 the audio is really lacking. Any suggestions on something that isn't to big to carry around with me? It would need to be USB-C powered as well.

Just use something from Fiio, great prices and good power for their dac/amps for the price...there’s no such thing as a usb c dac...you just use a cable from your phone to the dac, whether it’s usb C to standard usb or usb c to micro depending on the dac/amp. The creative sound blaster e5 is also great.
Try the fiio Q5 $349, or Q1 $99
I had a FiiO K1 with a short Monoprice micro-USB to USB-C cable. Dragonfly would probably work as well.
I bought this cable to connect my Samsung 9+ with my Entrance Dacport slim. (from amazon Canada)
try CEntrance DACport Slim . you have to buy an extra usb c otg cable, for it to work with your samsung phone.