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I would really like to have a Seiko 5 or Timex indiglo in a full titanium case. Just some sort of field watch with day/date and some tritium or bright glow wrapped in a full titanium case. Anybody else?
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I'd be in to that in a heartbeat.
Titanium is softer than stainless steel, my regular titanium watches got scratches all over the surface, I wouldnt recommend if it is not hardened or hardened coated.
I agree. I had a Seiko Titanium Chronograph and while it was impossibly lightweight (especially compared to any of the 5s) It scratched like crazy. Still it was a great watch even though it was quartz.
Everything you ask for are upgrades that cost more money. Seiko is not doing this with their lowest-tier watches (Seiko 5) and Timex likes to put a pretend titanium finish on base-metal cases. Kind of rare for them to use the more exotic metals.
You don't often get a Porsche for the price of a Kia.
I would expect the price to stay the same. Kinda like I don’t expect to drive out of a Porsche dealership in a 911 after slamming down my wad of Kia money. Just a simple practical watch that has day/date and some type of really good illumination with a full titanium case. I guess I’ll just sit on my Kia money with my fingers crossed.
I guess I don't understand the question then. Because what you ask for is out there. Just have to dig into your pockets deeper because titanium is an upgrade metal for a watch and H3 lume is another upgrade.

And one of these discontinued Trasers is on ebay right now.
Search Smith and Wesson titanium and this same watch with a different logo on the dial can be bought on Amazon.