Apr 23, 2018

Best Set of Gaming Cans

Hi. Im currently using a set of Cloud Alphas and they have been very decent.
I was thinking about stepping my game up a little to help me more with precise directional sound in games like PUBG.

Would the Senheisser GSP500 or 600 be a good upgrade? Or would getting dedicated headdies like the AKG K7xx be better?

Have an Asus STX card to power it

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Check out Sennheiser G4me Ones if you want to stick with a headset, otherwise anything mentioned above is solid.

You could expand the G4me Ones in the future with a GSX1000, that is my gaming setup and I use AKG 712s for music, and adding HD6xx's to the lineup whenever they arrive.
Pubg doesn’t have very good sound quality so it won’t make a massive difference For that particular game. I have an asus Stx and a k702, but i’d Recommend the HiFiman 4XX over the k702. Don’t have experince with the gsp 600, but for gaming I like the HiFiman 4XX more than the Sennheiser 6XX. Currently using DT 1990 Pro for gaming but they are much more expensive.
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