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Single Key RGB keyboard with the Big Switch


I have finished my small DIY project with this switch I mentioned earlier. I chose not to wait to get the switch from Massdrop, but directly purchased from Novel Keys themselves.
I laid out a 6cm*6cm PCB for the big switch, used a pro micro as the controller and put 4 WS2812B RGB LEDs onto the board, as well as a small push button to control the light. It was not easy soldering the SMD LEDs by hand when I don't have access to a small tip soldering iron, but thankfully managed to do that without a major failure.
(The lay out is ugly, for a board like this I just used auto routing)

Here's a picture of how the PCB fit, before I put the components on there
I used M2 standoffs to connect two PCBs as a makeshift case, which seem to work just fine.
I chose qmk as the base for the firmware, and wrote a set of configs for a two key keyboard, compiled them with msys2 on my PC and flashed it into the pro micro, and...... It works!
The Big key itself is set as simply enter at this time, although binding a macro is easy. Stuck in the final season in college I don't really have time for brainstorming out a better way to use it than as a stress reliever after writing each line of code :P
And that was my small project, hope you'll find it a little interesting. Let me know if you are doing something similar and need help or whatsoever.
The RGB is set to loop between colors in a smooth fashion, here are some more pictures


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This is amazing, I need to do something with my big switch later too. :P
Love to see people using the big switches more.