Apr 26, 2018

High Carbon Steel

Is it possible to see more high carbon steel blades? Or Kitchen knifes? Something that doesn't cost an arm either but is good quality.
method_burger and himichael

Or high-carbon kitchen knives. BYW, ebay is a good source for vintage forgecraft carbon steel kitchen knives. Very cheap. Ver good
Just had a look on ebay there was a couple paring knifes but there wasn't any carbon steel kitchen knifes that you could call cheap. Upon closer inspection they are 'high carbon stainless steel'. Would be nice to see some decent true carbon steel knifes in the 'Blades' community. Opinel proves you can make decent steel for not much. Its just a shame they only do folding blades.
somehow we are getting different search results. example: https://www.ebay.com/itm/2-Vintage-Forgecraft-Hi-Carbon-Chefs-Kitchen-knives-Total-Carbon-Steel-knife/202296448733?hash=item2f19ced6dd:g:dyQAAOSwH2Ja0Vtk these are carbon steel, not stainless, and cheap. i have one. sharpest knife in my drawer.