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Extremely Custom Watch Strap

This watch has a single tang hole.
This is taking made-to-order too far, I think. My wrist swells and thins, and the stickiness changes, all requiring the occasional notch or two up or down adjustment.
The maker is MK Leathers in Poland.
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I have a goat skin band from him and is one of my favorite custom bands. Does this look bad? No not at all. Is it a bad decision to make a one hole? For me yes because I change straps like I change my socks. If it was made for a specific watch I can understand the personal preference. But wouldn't make sense to me personally. But this person probably doesn't like strap holes??
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Found your post by accident, thanks for the credit under the picture. You are 100% right, one hole is in most cases simply not practical. For customers who want it it scream "custom" I do advice 2-3 holes since even when you wear one strap your wrist will change during the day, month etc. With this one the story is simple. It's mine :), I was checking some color themes. So adding one hole or maiing another strap is quite easy.
For the orders side. I work mainly on custom leather orders (not just straps). I have hardly anything in stock and the prices depend on the strap type, leather, finish etc. The blog in more of a archive of the work done than a shop. This might change in the future. FYI price range is from 70$-200$ + I thing it's a good suggestion to add that somewhere on the page. And yes the delivery times....well working on it ;)
Thanks for the information. You might try what Martu Leather does, which is come up with a reasonable small number of categories, and then tag straps with those categories to produce somewhat overlapping product pages. So you could have categories for Distressed, Exotic Leathers, Natos and Zulus, etc.
I realize you probably want to spend your time making stuff and not maintaining a website. There's a site called Upwork (a merger of Elance and oDesk) where you can find inexpensive tech and design people who might help you, and there are contractors there from Poland. Ideally you want to get something made that lets you maintain a categorized catalog yourself with little time expenditure.
thanks for the intro!
Another thing to consider: A single hole limits the strap use to other cases with that exact lug-to-lug measurement. In essence, the strap is custom fit to your wrist and watch.
Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.... leather work looks nice though
Although this watch strap is ridiculous, I find that after having ordered custom leather straps to fit my wrist, I look at the straps that come with watches and the off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all straps differently.
For practical purposes, these off-the-shelf straps are sized for about the 85 percentile wrist, one standard deviation bigger than the mean wrist. If you have an average wrist size, the strap you get with a watch and any aftermarket pre-manufactured strap is going to be too big. Watch sellers do not want half their customers complaining that the straps are too small.
It's possible, but not optimal to wear a strap that is too big, but not one that is too small. But until you order a custom strap, the fact that your watch strap is too long is not even on your awareness radar.
With bracelets, it doesn't matter, since all of them are fitted to your wrist after purchase. With silicone straps with a deployment clasp, they are also usually cut to fit., with NATO and ZULU size is a factor, but it's not as important, But with leather straps size is important.