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reccomendations for amps for my ath-m50x's?

im already looking at these guys for my phone to use on the go ( and i was wondering if these were good options for my headset or if there was another option was better or not thanks.
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Just get a Earstudio ES100 which will convert the ATH M50x into bluetooth and increase volume and sound quality
Excelvan wireless headphone. 40mm extra bass, excellent sound.
My recommendation for this HP is the Little Dot ii. The only difference is I have the M 50 version, using it with Meridian Director DAC with Schiit Wyrd for clean power. To me it sounds very "organic" and warm.
You dont need an amp but adding an amp to your taste to better enjoy the music you hear is what this hobby is all about.
I had been using fiio e11 (with line out from iphone 3gs) with ath m50 and that was my main portable setup.
Now my ears have opened up and I am no longer happy with e11 so I moved on.
What I would recommend is to get a good dap instead. I have XDuoo X10 and that is already powerful enough for my fostex t50rp and hd6xx. So it certainly is powerful enough and it has that akm4490 dac which sounds wonderful.
You wont need any equalizing.
You don't really need an amp for those, unless you enjoy damaging your hearing.
I recommend the Fiio A5 with a portable set up. It’s fantastic with the M50s.
Don't really need an amp. The Xduo is good but, my volume thing stopped working. I only used the amp for three or four charges, left it alone and the volume wouldn't work past 20%
I was hoping people would give you something very specific based on sound signature of M50 and their DAC/Amp. Hmm. I can suggest Hifime Sabre 9018 - it can drive AKG K7XX (which are notoriously hard to drive). It also has a clean pleasant rich sound.
I actually disagree with most of these posts other than doing the work to root your phone. That being said, I rock one of these bad boys: fiio e17k alpen 2
I run it through 1/8 inch plugs (not USB) and it definitely opens up a whole new world of bass on my M50's. It's kind of a pain to carry around etc. but worth it in my opinion. I have a Iphone 5S and it's a completely different sound on the go with almost any of my headphones using this amp versus no extra dac/amp.
Agree with Valarking...Fiio alpen 2 e17k is a great quality DAC/amp for M50 cans. I have the older M50 not the "x" model, classic sound, wide variety of genres. Just ordered the FIIO K5 to pair up w e17k will let you know when i break it in how it performs
I remember hearing ages ago that fiio's tended to color the sound with some emphasis on the bass. I could be remembering wrong, or maybe earlier models did have that problem. Anyways it could also be the phone, I'm sure the vast majority of phones out there assume people will use IEM's, and so they don't put something that powerful in it.
Honestly though I think the only song I remember noticing a difference in on a PMP with my old M50's was Gorillaz's "Welcome to the World of the Plastic Beach" And that really comes down to the extremely deep bass in that song. And this was probably on my old Zune HD which although not as popular among audiophiles as earlier Zunes, it was still considered to have a decent amp in it.
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It's the M50x, you don't need an amp unless your phone is utter dogshit. Unless it is seriously trash, your smartphone will be a much better DAC/amp than the thing you posted. iPhones in particular are fantastic, and many flagship Android phones are great too.
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But onboard sound still sounds weak and bland compared to a basic amp/dac combo. I use my motherboard sound sometimes and compared to cheap 100 dollar amp/dacs the on board sound is noticeably worse through M50's they sounds better when it has a dac/amp. They dont need a amp that is true but just because something gets loud doesnt mean it has clarity. I have multiple amps and both power my AKG K712 pros, My sennheiser 598, my Monolith planar M560s and my fostex mark 3's planars fine. But My JDS labs dac/amp brings out small details in music and games that my other dac/amps dont. Eventhough they all can power my headphones to the point i have to turn them down because of discomfort. I like cheap stuff as well but the M50's need a upgrade because you arent getting your money worth with them at this point. I have seen Beyerdynamic headphones at the same price point as those.
An amp increases the performance of the M50 period... and using just a phone means you’re missing A LOT of what they can do. Some people(most) like their headphones driven with authority. If you prefer lacking dynamics and punch.... don’t use an amp. You have zero clue what you are talking about in regards to “wasted power”. An amp helps at ALL volume levels not just high volume. I know exactly what my M50s sound like... with and without an amp.... and I assure you that my amp is not wasted power with them.
I took the dac/amp route uneccesary. I wish you all could here my Note2 singing first class audio...for free!
No need for amp...root your device..soundmod to bypass volume regulation....install viper4android. more need of amp and the sound is jawdropping. Learn all about it on XDA forum.
Yes that is also an option. Until you hear the difference with viper4android people wont be able to comment how capable and good sounding their mobile phones are. But adding an amp to colour the sound is also not bad. Ath m50 doesnt really shine that much (compared to other headphones) with better amps but it does benefit from having an amps.
Or, get a DAP.
Hm, you might be better off waiting a few months if you have an iPhone. Reason being, when Apple releases the iPhone 7 without a headphone jack, millions of people are suddenly going to need a mobile DAC/Amp combo. I don't know what's in development across the industry, but I think that segment is about to get much bigger. Competition will increase, so available options will improve, and prices will drop across the board.
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LG G3 will only host a USB DAC if you root it and install some 3rd party software. I think only Samsung currently supports USB hosting natively. That might change Sept. 7th (or 14th or whenever the next iphone is actually on the market) though!
Since you're probably not looking for a new phone, you're probably more interested in something like the FiiO I mentioned. There's other similar amps on the market but IMHO FiiO is best bang for your buck.
I bought the one I linked honestly it's my best bet because of a good battery and it's 3.5mm input which is nice
Are you looking for a portable amp or a mobile amp? Portable is simply a small amp, Mobile has an internal battery.
I'm looking for one mainly for my phone so I guess I need a batter so yes a mobile one
I have and love FiiO A3/E11K but I haven't spent a lot of time listening to M50X with it. The time I have spent with it was much better than listening to M50X straight from my phone though.
If you're looking for a DAC/Amp combo more information on what you intend to play through it will be required...
M50's don't have a very high impedance, so you shouldn't have much trouble driving them with most any amp. The rest is more down to features, battery life, etc. I have no experience with the one you linked but seems cheap enough to try anyway.