Aug 16, 2016


I need help picking a graphics card for my pc
if anyone can help me that would be great

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That depends on what you are doing. If it's just general work or viewing YouTube videos any GC with 3 or 4 MB memory will work fine. If you are into gaming do you want 75+ fps or 4k resolution? Then you're going to need a Nvidia 1070 with 8 GB memory minimum. There are lots of YouTube videos so I would watch them before jumping into a $$$$ card. One thing to note, GCs are very expensive due to cryptomining.
You need a good gpu like the Titan V in order to play any modern title at more than 720p 24fps
Absolutely wrong
I was sarcastic
Ifk if you have something now but it really depends on your budget. A gtx 1060 3gb or a 1050ti are really good price performance budget cards so i would do thath.
dont get a midrange card like a gtx 1060 or 1070 because prices for those are ridiculous due to the mining craze. A gtx 1050 ti is a great card for playing at 1080p and you get rocket leauge with it on newegg for free
I recently purchesed an EVGA Suoerclocked GTX 1080 from newegg for ~$550. I was planning on getting a 1070, but those were all out of stock, and the 1080 wasn't too much more expensive. From my experience, I can recommend getting whatever NVIDIA is in your price range (~30% of your total build cost) and happens to be in stock at the moment. I wouldn't go AMD unless you are mining right now. The price of AMD cards has nearly doubled in the last few months, making NVIDIA cards a better value. I wish you luck finding the card you want in stock and for a decent price.
I agree I bought a RX 480 for around 200 on December and now they go for 300-400
100-200$= Radeon RX 460 200-300$=gtx 1060 300-400$=gtx 1070
400-500$=RX 480 500-600$=GTX 980 600-700$=GTX 1080
700-800$=Old titan x 800-1000$=New titan x
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Thank's dude, apreciate it!
The 1080ti is better than the old titan x
Go AMD Rx480 but choose a manufacturer with custom fans and 8pin power.

The 4gb cost $250ish and can be flashed to 8gb.

I'm surprised people here arbitrarily tell you not to go AMD without explaining why. The 1000 series nvidia is a good lineup but 1060 is severely limited at 3gb. 1070 is good but overkill at single monitor 1080p gaming and are also twice the price of the 480.
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Currently, you can't get an AMD card due to the cryptocurrency craze. If you can find an RX 480/580, it's going for $400, and if you're gaming, the GTX 1070 is a much better value at around $400. If the AMD card prices drop back down, AMD cards will once again be a good value for gaming. Mining cryptocurrency, however, should be done with an AMD card.
You can buy a 1060 with 6gbs of vram and the reason not to buy them is because of how expensive they are due to the mining craze
Can you share a few more details about the use you plan to give to it? Is it mainly for gaming, or for content creation / renders, BitCoin mining, protein folding?

Do you have an existing system, or are you building a brand new system? If it is an existing system, please share the specs. If new, share the specs of what you are building / plan to build.

What is your budget?

What is your monitor size and max resolution?
i recomend for affordability the 970x i run mine with a amd 8 core and 8 gigs of ram and i get 90 fps on batlefield 4 high graphics good car :)
RX 470 or RX 480 for kick ass 1080p performance on the budget. For anything higher, go for GTX 980 or later NVIDIA cards.
It honestly depends on your budget your demands how often you play the type of games and resolutions. If you can tell us those things we can help you a lot better.
it depends on budget.......

$100 = gtx 950, 960.

$200 = gtx 970 (used can be had for around $150). AMD rx480 or gtx 1060 if you must insist in new.

anything above that = 1080 or nothing. screw the 1070, if you are spending over $400 you might as well go for the big dog. Just don't go for titan X unless money is not a problem for you.
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Might want to be careful of used cards, I hear there are many from crypto miners dropped on the market; they've been running at max 24/7
wrong for 2 reasons.

1) i mentioned gtx 970 because they are not being used for crypto. crypto mined cards are: rx470, rx480, 570, 580, gtx 1060, gtx 1070 are among the most popular. After that it's older generation AMD cards such as the r390. So nothing to worry about used gtx 970, 980 and 980ti.

2) crypto mining is all about efficiency and return on investment. What this means is that any seasoned miner will UNDERVOLT the cards in order to use less electricity and generate less heat and noise. so even if running at max 24/7 they are being run with less voltage, and thus they are actually pretty safe even after years of mining.