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Massdrop collaboration front flipper? (I'd love to see one)

I'd love to see a Massdrop collaboration front flipper style knife, something like the Gent, but in a front flipper style. I just don't think there are enough good front flipper style knives out there.
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Isham bladeworks abtruse
something with an ambi pocket clip plz.
Since the Gereth Bull Shamwari is my Grail knife. A less expensive and more readily available version would be a great drop. I am very pleased with quality of my Gent and Prism and anxiously await the arrival of my Falcon. Your choice of builders is exceptional. Do it for us knife aficionados and loyal customers.
This is a great idea. Maybe something with Gareth Bull ...along the lines of a Shamwari.
A WE-built production Shamwari would shimmy my jimmies pretty good
Possibly a Boker Panchenko Lancer??
I have the bladeHQ Boker Lancer with the s35vn steel and carbon fiber scales. Pretty nice for the price. I wish it had jimping on the blade spine where you press to open to make that easier. A Massdrop collaboration of that knife or style with brass washers or bearings and maybe 1/2 Ti frame lock 1/2 carbon fiber would be a pretty nice knife.
I'd like long as there's at least an option for a lefty clip.
I'd love to see something like the Boos Smoke. Thin profile with a front flipper.
The Smoke should be live with a different steel within a couple of weeks, he ordered M390 this time or was planning on it last I heard.
Oh hells yeah. I've wanted one since I saw Shabazz review it.
I have some love for the front flipper. I only have two, the Kizer Feist and a custom. Absolutely beautiful. I really like the simplistic shape of the Feist... Though I have some aesthetic tweeks I would love to see.
I'll second the Feist. I can see one of those in my stable in the near future.
I think the Crux and Gent would both be killer front flippers, I'm down for an alternate version of an existing lovely knife.
The Dogtooth looks like it would be a decent frontal too.
And the Shamwari Jonas mentioned would be amazing to get as a high-end production, the Burger whatever that the Boker Exskellibur is based on would be great to see from WE or someone too.
Maybe Massdrop could talk Bill Boos into doing a (much larger than normal) batch of Smokes here, preferably the M390, but I bet you could offer to do the S35VN here to keep the price as modest as possible and to allow him to retain something special for the Smokes he sells.
I don't know if they'd be into it, but I'd love to do something like the Shamwari with Gareth & Jason Bull.
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Let's make you his project manager, you've got all the ducks that I can see in a pretty sick row
Sounds like a logical step. They have done several frame lock flippers, a thumb stud only knife and a thumb disk/flipper. Next should be a slip joint or a front flipper. Maybe a fixed blade.
We offer a front flipper I think we could work something out with massdrop ;)
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What's the tab on the spine of the handle?
The front flipper ;)