May 5, 2018

Mobile Photography Lens Kits

I've been exploring just what you can do with an excellent camera in a mobile device, specifically the iPhone X, which I bought primarily for the camera quality,(plus the very expository OLED display....)
Acquired the finally released for X ōlloclip lens box set,(which includes the Superwide, the Macro, and the Fisheye,) and an additional Ultrawide lens.
Thus far, today, I have played happily about with these snappy little lenses, which are the first add-on lenses I've used on a mobile device that weren't absolute crap.
I can see that the Ultra-wide is going to be my favourite, followed closely by the Fisheye.
The camera of the iPhone does not know what to do with the Macro.... so that's kind of a wash so far.
Here are a few examples of The Xperiment,(he heh, get it?), so far;

Enjoying the extreme, (yet not quite Fish), curvilinear properties of that Ultra-wide....
...which becomes far more pronounced when the phone is oriented vertically;
Kind of grey here... on a brighter day, I plan to see what happens with using the Pano shot while using the Ultra-wide and Super-wide lenses.
What mobile clip-on lens systems are other folks using?
Got pics?
PLEASE share!


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