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HELP! Watch batteries question.


Any body know what these watch batteries are?

My mom need to change these watches batteries but I don't know the size, can you guys help me?



Thank you in advance.


The Breguet Reine de Naples and the Patek should be automatics, meaning no batteries. The Franck Muller could be a quartz, but can’t tell on pics alone. Barring these being genuine or not, you should take them to an authorized dealer for verification and repair quotes. Services for the Breguet and Patek will set you back a couple thousand though, so be prepared. The muller will only cost marginally less for a proper service.
Have you tried turning the round thing sticking out the side and holding the watch you your ear to listen for a cartoon-like, ticking-bomb sound? That sometimes recharges the dry cells for 1 day.
(sarcasm intentional)
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Just remember that it is possible that the watches may need repair or at least cleaning and oiling if they are several years old. Assuming your mother is loaded and these are genuine Patek Phillipe, Franck Muller, and Breguet, they should be taken to a place that handles the very expensive watches for assessment and/or service. But the photos alone do not really allow anybody to determine if they are the genuine article or a well-made counterfeit.
Thanks for the advice!
Just really want to identify which one I can help her with basic battery replacement.
I know the first one wouldnt use batteries, due to perepetual motion or something like that, if you could post photos of the back with the model number that would help.
Thanks a lot. Here is the picture of watch back.
That watch has a display back and you can clearly see that it is a manually wound mechanical watch, not a quartz watch, so there is no battery. Assuming that the watch does not need to be serviced, you simply need to wind the crown to tighten the mainspring and the watch will begin to tick.
However, if these watches have been sitting for a long time, you should only gently wind them and stop if you feel any resistance.