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Let's Talk Track Days

'99 M3 at Laguna Seca
I love track days. There’s just something about waking up at dawn, sitting in the riders/drivers meeting with a fresh cup of coffee, and setting up in the pits just as the sun begins to burn through the fog over the corkscrew at Laguna.
Playing navigator in the '94 325is at Thunderhill .
I myself have only ever done motorcycle track days, but I’ve played pit support at many of my husband's with his various vehicles. Someday I hope to have a proper vehicle I can take on the track, or at least try my hand at autocross.
'94 325is M-Technic auto crossing at the Marina Airport
As you can see, we have a thing for E36s.
So, what’s your track car? Do you have a favorite track? Any providers you prefer? Let’s talk track days!
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my 16 SS at dominion raceways. Track days are the best days! Cant speak highly enough of swift springs, and BMR suspension. They have helped me slowly turn this girl into a monster.
I love the E36! I used to have an M3 sedan when I lived in the UK. It was such an awesome car. Nowadays I have a 2005 Boxster S, which is a different animal altogether.

I've done a few track days at Pocono this past summer in my modded C5Z. I bought the car with the intention of doing a fair amount of HPDE, and I've loved it so far. I recently moved to CT, so I plan on checking out Lime Rock/Palmer/Thompson next season. Just need to figure out how to meet sound limits...

Awesome, nice FRC C5. I'm getting ready to go to Ron Fellows school. Been to Bondurant a couple times. Check one out, money well spent for track time and getting pro instruction. The last one was 3 days in C7s and 1 day in open wheel Formulas. If I hit the lotto, 50% of my time would be on a
I did a couple track days with my 05 S2000 in Monticello, Pocono, and a few autoX, then the kids came :D. It‘s been a few years, overdue to get back on track
I track a Porsche Cayman S in both auto cross and local tracks. My favorite track is Lime Rock Park. I also frequent Thompson motor-speedway and Pocono Raceway. Looking to track on Palmer and Watkins Glen soon. Also have a Ford Focus RS that will see some HPDE before the end of the season.
SCCA Track Night In America has been my choice for most track days at an affordable price. PCA is also a great club with great instruction.

I haven't had much in the way of a proper track day since there aren't any decent sized tracks near by, but I do auto x whenever I get the chance. My e46 M3 is both my daily and my auto x car. Can't wait to get to a road course at some point.
Although I primarily only race these days, I do enjoy instructing as well. Primary race car is an E36 with S54, have an E30 with LS1, and DD is an E46 vert. Had an E90 but traded it for a 911. So yeah, I get the BMW thing. The 3-series in any format is such a wonderful vehicle, even in bone stock trim. Raced on plenty of tracks, but some are simply ”better”. Watkins Glen, VIR, Road America, Barber, to name some favorites. NJMSP is my “home track”, and the lightning course flows prettty well. I race with American Endurance Racing (amateur), and if anyone is at Summit Point next month see you there! Honorable mention: we did National Corvette Museum track this year: Very technical and fun. They put as much track as they could fit on the land they have lol
I began my track day addiction back in 1987 at Road America (in the rain) - what a way to start! I started my in-car instructing "career" in 1997 and launched my own driving school (Track Guys Performance Driving Events) in 2002. To date, I have instructed and/or driven on 91 different road courses across North America, so as you can imagine, I have a few "favorites".
Favorite instructing track: Gingerman Raceway, South Haven, MI Favorite Technical track: tie between Hallett Motor Racing Circuit and Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course Favorite Experience Tracks: Road America, Watkins Glen, Sonoma, VIR, Circuit of the Americas and Sebring International. Bucket list tracks: Daytona, Laguna Seca, Calabogie, Mont-Tremblant
HHmmmm... maybe I should put together some Track Tour Packages for Massdrop.
Welcome to the addiction!

Started track days back in Fall '98 and began instructing in '00. Track days weren't enough of a thrill, so built a race car ('94 BMW 325i) in '02 and never looked back. I still instruct occasionally, but racing is so much more fun. It's also nice to not worry about messing up your street car. Photo from a race at Roebling Road.
2015 BRZ. Spoiled for choice in the Northeast with tracks. I love Palmer and it's less than 2 hours away. Such a busy track with tons of elevation change and no straights to speak of, draped on top of a mountain in the Berkshires. Last weekend was Tremblant. Put that one on your bucket list.
Will be at VIR in September for Full Course event with my 2015 GT-R. Can't wait!!! I will put my stock wheels and tires back on for the event...these wheels are for street only.
My heavily modded F-Vee was a top time setting, V8 slayer. Lots of fun times, it was quite upsetting when they closed down my local track.


I love tracking and auto crossing!! There’s nothing like the thrill of exploring the limits of your car and the limits of youe abilities. I drive a 2013 Focus ST and I absolutely love it.
I too enjoy days at the track (motorcycle and automobile) Having read this, I was thinking about potential drops on items we would commonly use perhaps. Helmets, action cams etc
never ever never ever never whatsoever never buy a helmet you don't first try on.
Mine is a 2016 Ford Mustang GT. I don't have a single favorite track yet. I really love Summit Point and Dominion Raceway. I want to try out VIR.
I have done track days with Apex Track Events and Get Fast events. Next year I want to expand into more events and tracks. Saving up to upgrade my wear items for the track.
Hopefully in the future I can try out some of the west coast tracks.
Barber so far the best. Would love to get to some of the west coast circuits someday.


My Sti/EVO/EVO @ Grattan.
I've been kicking around the idea of getting out for a track day over at NJ Motorsports Park ever since I picked up my '18 WRX last August. Might dip my toes into the rabbit hole with some SCCA Solo (autocross) first though.
That about a drop on an SA2015 helmet??
Do it! (Let me know when you go) I get there quite often. A teammate of mine is a member. AutoX is a totally different beast. Lots of sitting around and waiting for a couple minute blast. not my thing - can't really get into a "flow", but it certainly is cheaper and has a good following.
Drop on Stilo helmets - now that is a fantastic idea!! Shame I have one already ;)
My e36m3 at nola motorsports park, which is my local track. But I favor barber motorsports park and road Atlanta.
Track driving is something that I've always had a lot of interest in. But I haven't been able to do it regularly enough to meaningfully level myself out of the novice level.
My new year resolution for next year is to be able to set aside enough time, acquire a dedicated track car, and do it competitively.
My favorite track is a toss up between Laguna Seca and Sonoma.
And here's a picture of me spanking a Porsche Cayman GT4 @ PEC in Atlanta just a few weeks ago.
only got englishtown nearby me in New Jersey. And it's a good 2 hour drive from my house.
been there when i had my G35 about 12 years ago. it was a blast. I learned so much about the mechanics of PROPER driving.
And 1 important factor: i learned that i was not a good driver after all. LOL.
I swear everyone i know thinks they are a good driver. Not once did i ever hear: "you know, i'm a so-so driver".
Guess what? go on a track and see how bad you really are!
i have since moved away from sporty cars and into luxury. so no more track days for me unless i somehow hit it big and can afford a weekend FUN car (vette, gtr, C63, M4, 911).
I've tracked my audi RS5 at Miller motor sport raceway in the salt lake area (Tooele, ut) and it was amazing. Lyfe motorsport is my preferred track day company at the track. Great all day instruction and track access with small groups of drivers. Awesome track experience with that mountain/ desert view all around the track.